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So you may have heard, but Hank Pym has been cast for the Marvel Phase 3 Ant Man movie. And it’s Michael Douglas! So a big name coming in for our villain, something that has been happening a lot with the marvel movies – looking at Benicio Del Toro as The Collector, or James Spader as Ultron, for instance.

However, this is defining this movie in an interesting way. This is no young Hank Pym, early in his career, creating his science, being a superhero. It sounds like Paul Rudd is going to be doing the super-heroing as the actual Ant Man, so… we’ll see!

So I wanted to share some thoughts I had from this, but also then, some of the thoughts I’m seeing out on the Internets, about this and the Marvel movies – since I talk about them maybe enough here on my own! And a bit about Agents of SHIELD, as well, to round us out!

Ant Man… And Wasp!

So first, the news is Ant Man. And while I’ve introduced things a bit, or at least the news… what about what others have to say? Holly pointed me in the direction of the Mary Sue article about Michael Douglas as Hank Pym:

And they raise an important point, one I didn’t think of myself necessarily without knowing more about Ant Man and his history: what about Wasp?

As they say in the article, while this might not be a female-lead superhero movie… it’s the potential to at least be a male-female duo movie. They should do it! And since all the casting we know for this movie so far is Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd, there’s plenty of room to make this happen, right?

And they can’t do a duo movie very easily with the other obvious duo that comes to mind… Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Because half of their story is that they are the mutant children of Magneto. And that’s the half of the story they can’t tell – someone else has the rights to mutants!

Guardians of the Galaxy

It made me happy I’m not the only one speculating and hypothesizing about the Marvel movies, based on little more than vague thoughts from the comics, and the roles being cast. Here’s a video that reminded me of some of my blog posts, from over on SourceFed Nerd:

They call Guardians of the Galaxy the most anticipated Marvel movie of the year… interesting. From Marvel Studios, I suppose; it’s more exciting than Captain America: The Winter Soldier, if for no other reason than it’s new and less known.

They talk about the actual character still:

This is an interesting comparison to the concept art that was out before this:

Found on They have a listing on the cast, too.

Found on
They have a listing on the cast, too.

Their thought on doing a massive combined plot really does sound like the Infinity stories that Marvel has done in the comics. Definitely something we may be moving towards with Phase 3!

Agents of SHIELD

I read a compelling argument to maybe give up watching Agents of SHIELD, over on We Minored in Film:

And the assessment may not be wrong, at least so far: the show is kind of lackluster. Even if I did buy into the hype engine on it a little. I may have, like many other people, expected more Joss Whedon from the show, and less… having to figure out what they are or what they’re doing. They’re SHIELD. There’s superheroes. Supervillains. Make it so.

I think the lack of characters from the existing Marvel Universe is hurting. Especially in comparison to, say, Arrow, which seems to be pulling that off nicely. Of course, I’ve compared these two before, so

The news now is that they are adding Bill Paxton to the show:

In what super-hero-y role? What super villain? Nah, he’s just another agent, like Coulson.

Another missed opportunity. But I like Bill Paxton, so dang it, they found a way to keep me watching, didn’t they? What about you – what are you excited for right now coming from Marvel? And are you still watching Agents of SHIELD? Let us know in the comments below!

5 responses to “Marvel Movies and Shows Thoughts and News

  1. Living the Geek Life

    I’m curious why you refer to Hank Pym as the villain of Wright’s film? Perhaps I missed some news on that front? Its not the way I’ve perceived the character.


    • Living the Geek Life

      Never mind, I found it. Variety was the source of the ‘villain’ rumor but have since said on twitter that Pym will not in fact be the villain of the film. Mystery solved! 🙂


      • Well, I was also thinking of the fact that in the comics, Pym invented Ultron… Villain of the second Avengers. Maybe accidental villain, or maybe like Gollum with his formula… Lots you could do!


        • Living the Geek Life

          I am disappointed that we won’t get a storyline about the unstable Hank Pym, member of the Avengers, accidentally creating one of their greatest enemies. Sigh… that would have been cool!


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