Best of 2013

Yesterday Holly posted her best of for 2013, and today it’s mine! There were some tough choices, and some easier ones. We’re trying to mainly stick to things new in 2013, but really, we’re focused on new to us. Most of this is from 2013, though!

We selected a few major categories: Movies, TV Shows, YouTube Channel, Book, Comic or Graphic Novel, Music, Video Game (here we divided into single-player and multi-player), and Board Game. Most of these things we’ve also written posts on, as you might imagine!

We’ve run this blog almost a year now, so we’ve been thinking and writing about this stuff all year, and it’s nice to reflect back on it. Let me know what you think of my choices in the comments below!


The Wolverine

The WolverineThis was one of the harder choices for the year – there were a lot of pretty good movies, and we at least didn’t see any that I would say were really amazing. Last year would have been much easier. I’m going with The Wolverine, which made me really happy with how it turned out, redeemed several bad movie decision in the franchise, and breathed new life in. The movie I am most excited for this coming year is Days of Future Past, so by golly, The Wolverine gets my vote.

Other things I was considering include two Joss Whedon films: Much Ado About Nothing, and Cabin in the Woods which we only just saw this year. But how to choose between these two? And, Now You See Me, which was the surprise of the year, in that it was surprising.

Check out my LitFlix of The Wolverine here!

TV Show

Almost Human

While there was some great Doctor Who this year, Season 7 was not my favorite. And while there was some great Game of Thrones this year, Season 3 was not my favorite. Even though I wrote a bunch of posts about both of these…

No, I’m going to have to go with a new show: Almost Human. This show is a fantastic near-future Science Fiction story, with great stories, great acting, great effects, I’m just having a great time watching it. Karl Urban is one of my favorite actors. Their premise, in particular, that scientific and technological discovery has outpaced our capacity to regulate – and therefore legally enforce – is logical, well-executed, and frighteningly possible. I’m liking the plots they are developing because of it, they have me thinking.

Check out Holly’s review of Almost Human here! And here’s the trailer for the next episode:

YouTube Channel


Holly mentioned my other favorite channel from the year, SourceFed Nerd, but there’s another channel we found this year that I’ve fallen in love with. For whatever reason, I just really enjoy his work and the dry humor he uses – CinemaSins.

I don’t think I can pick a favorite, so check out the videos:

However, if I were going to pick one example, I think the one for Mortal Kombat. Both because there was so much wrong with that movie… and because he takes it so seriously.


Ready Player One

Ready Player OneI listened to this one on audiobook narrated by Wil Wheaton – as recommended by a reader from over on Public Domain. Ready Player One. This is a modern classic, a fantastic merger of nostalgia and new thought, a vision of the future where we all play – and live – in The Oasis, the most perfect of Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

What more can I say? Well, couple things, I guess. One is that the movie rights are out there… and the movie of this could be so good. And the other is that you should read this book. Or listen to the audiobook. Do it.

Comic / Graphic Novel

Infinity / Jonathan Hickman

The Great Idea Was ExpansionI don’t know if I can pick between all the comics I’ve discovered this year by Jonathan Hickman. I have even more that I’ve bought and am waiting to read – waiting I guess for time, or to not have comics I need to read for LitFlix.

However, I’ve read all of Avengers and New Avengers, and I have trouble deciding between the two – two very different plots. One life, and one death.

I think the legend-building in Avengers has been more fun, the writing there. However, the plot, the intelligence of New Avengers is so complex. So instead, my favorite comic of the year would have to be Infinity, the plot where these two storylines converged.Infinity 1

I’ve read the Infinity comics each 3-4 times, I think, both the main ones, and the Avengers and New Avengers tie-ins. With that much reading, that much excitement? That has to be the vote for favorite.

Check out my prequel post for Infinity, or my two reviews.


Evil Friends by Portugal. The Man

The album I got most obsessed with this year was Evil Friends by Portugal. The Man. This album has lyrics that keep me thinking and wondering, sounds from my favorite producer – Danger Mouse – and it just keeps me listening.

I wrote a review of it – check that out here – and included several of the music videos there. Those weird me out a little bit, so be ye warned. However, that kind of matches the music. Here’s one of my favorite songs: Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue:

Video Game

Single-Player Game

Bioshock Infinite

As much as XCOM: Enemy Unknown has consumed my time lately, or Avengers Alliance a little bit every day for a while now… the game of the year for me has to be Bioshock Infinite.

I kind of predicted this when I finally did my post reviewing and considering Bioshock Infinite. Well, as much of one as I could do. I said that the statute of limitations on Bioshock Infinite might run out around this time of year – as longer reviews and considerations come out, as it gets considered and discussed for game of the year. That means, I have several posts about this game to still write – posts which, even the title or categories for which might be spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

Because the things they did in this game, with the plot, with the writing… this is the sort of game that helps you build arguments for how video games are a great way to tell a story.

Co-Op Game

Battleblock Theater

I am realizing we have not actually talked about this game yet on the blog. What? WHAT? Battleblock Theater! From The Behemoth, who brought us Castle Crashers. Probably our favorite X-Box Live Arcade game.

If you have a 360? And a friend? Get this game.

Board Game

Lords of Waterdeep

So, I don’t actually have this Lords of Waterdeepone in board form, per se… but I do have it on my iPad! And we’ve discovered that iPad Board Games are a fantastic thing – check out Holly’s review that says why!

Lords of Waterdeep, as seen on TableTop, is a complex game with lots of options, and lots of ways to win… secrets and misdirection… it’s a lot of fun. I’ve been playing this a lot since I got it, including some online games.

I was losing constantly to the AI at first, too. I’m actually doing better against human opponents. That means there’s something to learn from the AI with this one – as well as from just playing, or from human opponents. That makes playing all of these different types, including pass-and-play with Holly, makes you better at this game. And it keeps being different.

I linked to it recently, but here’s the TableTop playing this game:


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  1. pengobatankanker2013

    Terimakasih infonya gan


  2. Battleblock Theater is so much fun! I don’t usually like puzzle games, and I love the co-op mode in this.


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