Best and Worst Comics LitFlix of 2013

Yesterday Holly gave her best and worst rankings for the movies based on books from this year – a project we have been calling LitFlix. Check out her post here, which will include a description of our four categories for consideration. I took on the movies based on comics – of which there were quite a few this year! – and here are my reviews.

One thing I would like to say: While our LitFlix posts have not necessarily been our most popular, they are the ones we end up putting the most work into, reading the books, and then discussing, considering, and posting about them. If you haven’t read any of our LitFlix this year, there is a list with links to all of them here. Enjoy!

Best Overall (Comics) LitFlix

For me, the best overall LitFlix movie would have to go to Kick-Ass 2. And the reason for this is a bit odd. I really, genuinely did not enjoy the comics. I do not recommend them to others. I am getting rid of my copy. Because what was so great with the first movie – and which carried over into the second movie – was the humor, and the story, and… neither of these things match up in the comics. They’re violent, no one is a very good person, and it basically makes fun of and spits in the face of comic fans. So… yeah, watch the movies, skip the comics.

Most Accurate (Comics) LitFlix

Wolverine CoverSo all of the comics adaptations stray from the comics. Some aren’t based directly on a specific comic story, or else are based on several. However, one that I think kept the spirit of the comic strong, updated it to match into the movie continuity, and gave us a fun time was The Wolverine. Making up for the Wolverine movie that should not have been, this gave us Wolverine as we want to see him. And they worked in a lot of the great material they have about him. Check out the comic if you’re looking for a good, closed comic storyline!

Worst Overall (Comics) LitFlix

One that has gotten a lot of mixed reviews was, for me, the worst comic adaptation of the year. And that would be Ender’s Game. Now, yes, they weren’t really going for a comic adaptation, but instead a book adaptation. I… guess. However, the comic came out recently enough, and was in my opinion a fantastic adaptation of the book, that it really should have been consulted. I feel like, if you want a visual representation of Ender’s Game, skip the movie, read the comic.

Least Accurate (Comics) LitFlix

And, okay, while also not a comic movie, it’s certainly one that comes from a complex universe with lots of source material. And that’s Star Trek: Into Darkness. Home of the year’s worst-kept secret, this film did fans a disservice by hiding the identity of Khan. I really should honestly have prepared more for Khan, knowing it would be him; I instead watched Wrath of Khan and Space Seed afterwards. There is a rich history not only of shows and movies, but of books and comics with Star Trek. So they did prequel comics for both of the recent Star Trek movies. However, instead of the Into Darkness prequel having anything to do with Khan – or really anything to do with the movie – it instead gave us just kind of a mission, with some fear of the Klingons. Meh. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the movie, but it just turned its back not only on the source material we might expect, but even its own advertising and hype machines. Worst. Kept. Secret. 2013.

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