Best and Worst Litflix of 2013

The year is coming to a close. Christmas is just around the corner and soon after that the year will come to a close. So here at Comparative Geek we are going to start a season of reflection on the last year. Starting out I am looking at the Litflix that I reviewed over this last year and deciding on the best and worst examples. I will keep it simple and just look at 4 different categories. 

Best overall Litflix will be the Litflix that was the best overall movie, possibly even with deviations from the book the movie still creates an overall good experience. Worse overall is the movie that I enjoyed the least of the Litflix movies and again accuracy is not necessarily the important element, but is just generally not a good experience. Most accurate is the one that sticks the closest to the source material. Least accurate is the one that deviates from the source material, possibly so much that it is unrecognizable.

Best Overall Litflix

The Hunger Games Catching Fire PosterThis is the easiest one because Hunger Games: Catching Fire was absolutely amazing. It had the right blend of including scenes directly from the book and adding new elements to expand on the story. This movie remembered that film is a different medium and how the audience experiences the story is and needs to be different. They were able to do things in the movie that they could not do in the book and the book could do stuff that could not be done in the movie. The movie added to the book instead of detracting from it and created a great experience for those who had not read the book.

Most Accurate Litflix

The Great Gatsby Movie PosterThis one was easy as well because The Great Gatsby just took every word from the book and made them visual. The book is pretty short so it is not that unheard of that they were able to translate the whole thing to the big screen and they did that. The visuals that they created for the movie really added the idea of New York in the twenties. It was word for word from the book though, which was interesting after having read the book.

Worst Overall Litflix

Mortal Instruments City of Bones Movie PosterThe worst overall for me is Mortal Instruments: City of Bones because while there were some moments that were interesting it was just generally bad. I admit I was not exactly thrilled with the book, which does not help with the movie doing anything for me. At the same time it had the potential, but it just is not executed well. The book never made me care and the movie did not make me care either. The characters were bland and the overall story was boring. The fighting scenes were actually pretty interesting, but good choreography does not a movie make.

Least Accurate Litflix

World War Z Movie PosterThe least accurate has got to be World War Z. The movie itself was not terrible, terrible, but it really just played off the name of an amazing book and nothing else. Everything about the story was changed except it was still about zombies. The book would have been difficult to adapt, but honestly Contagion showed a great way you could have presented the stories from World War Z, but because of the zombies they decided they needed action. The book is not about action it is really looking at humanity in the face of this overwhelming spread of a disease.

Now, technically I have not had a chance to see The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug yet, so I am not including that in this list. Personally it will probably not knock any of these off their spots, but maybe I will change my mind. We will see later this week.

3 responses to “Best and Worst Litflix of 2013

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  2. I really loved Gatsby, too, especially because I have zero context for what a party on that financial/physical scale would even look like. The only times I really think films add something to the book for me is when the filmmaker creates a visual that I couldn’t imagine because of lack of experience. (See also, the Les Mis barricade and streets of Paris.)


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