Daily Archives: December 23, 2013

Best and Worst Litflix of 2013

The year is coming to a close. Christmas is just around the corner and soon after that the year will come to a close. So here at Comparative Geek we are going to start a season of reflection on the last year. Starting out I am looking at the Litflix that I reviewed over this last year and deciding on the best and worst examples. I will keep it simple and just look at 4 different categories. 

Best overall Litflix will be the Litflix that was the best overall movie, possibly even with deviations from the book the movie still creates an overall good experience. Worse overall is the movie that I enjoyed the least of the Litflix movies and again accuracy is not necessarily the important element, but is just generally not a good experience. Most accurate is the one that sticks the closest to the source material. Least accurate is the one that deviates from the source material, possibly so much that it is unrecognizable. Continue reading