Daily Archives: December 21, 2013

The Best of All Possible Worlds, Part 1

There are so many great fictional worlds out there – ones deep and rich, ones that capture our imagination. Ones we “geek out” over, cosplay in, role play in. The love of immersive video games is the love of escaping to a fictional world, is escapism from where we are here and now.

Of course, many worlds we create are best left to fiction. Just so with the dystopias, the falling worlds. I’m just fine not living in Westeros, thank you. The show actually enhances this thought. But even so, are there better worlds we’ve imagined, better worlds than ours?

This is not rhetorical, but is instead indeed my question for today. Especially with reading Clockwork Angels, I’ve been thinking about this question. So I thought I would ask you, with some of my thoughts on the more… Hospitable fictional worlds. Or maybe just fan favorites?

I have more thoughts on the topic, but I’ve decided that’s the stuff for another post, so expect that next week. For now, give it some thought, and give it some votes. Which one of these fictional worlds would you like to live in? Or do you like it here? Vote and comment away!