Last Minute Geek Gift Ideas

I know we’ve been talking a lot about Christmas presents, and getting things for the myriad geeks in our life. So you still have shopping to do… what do you get the Geek in your life, here at the last minute?

I’m figuring it’s too late to order online, you need to go somewhere and get something good. I have a few ideas for you. Let everybody know in the comments if you have more ideas to add!

Board Games

Okay, just saying board games is too easy. So some more specific ideas.

Because shopping board games for someone can be hard. Do they already have it? Will they like it? There’s a solution to this.

Looking at board games, there’s games that are less safe to get. Ones with known names. Not sure what those are? The ones with lots of versions or expansions is a good indicator. So steer away from these.

Instead, take a look at some of the other games, maybe newer, less known, not tied in with another intellectual property. Then, look for one you’d be willing to play. Then get it, but also tell the person you got it for you haven’t played it, you’d be interested to try it with them, because it looks fun. Because even if it’s a dud, then, hopefully you have fun finding that out. And, hopefully they don’t have it!
Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries
As a second thought, especially if you’re buying for a couple, I recommend some of the Ticket to Ride games. In particular, they have smaller sets – for 2-3 players. We have the Nordic Countries set, and it’s great for just the two of us to play. Larger sets of Ticket to Ride, like many other games, aren’t quite optimized for two players. Problem solved!

Gift Cards

Okay, I know, I know, there’s stigma with Gift Cards. But maybe especially the Geeks in your life have a wish list going somewhere, and there are things they would definitely buy with a gift card.

For instance, the last two Christmases, with Amazon Gift Cards, we preordered the games we were looking forward to in the coming months – and even got the special editions. I know we have thoughts on what we would do this year… are there any cards in our future?

With some iTunes money, we spent hours pouring over our music and our Wish Lists, and got a whole bunch of new artists and albums that we had been considering. We got some albums we love this way – thank you gift cards!

What I am saying is, they’re not nearly so bad as their reputation.

Amazon is a good bet, or iTunes. Or, for the Android user in your life, Google Play cards. Because movies, music, Apps, games… good stuff, right?

Or… Specifics From Online Stores

Or, there’s getting something specific. Thinking about these online stores, especially App stores, you can buy gift apps for someone and have them available on Christmas. So what to get?

A good bet is something with multiplayer. One option is of course if there’s a game you play! Words With Friends has set the standard for online play with Apps, and there are many like it now that can be played online together.

Of course, if there isn’t a game you’re already playing, the thing to do would be to buy it for someone else – and for yourself. Then you’re ready to play!

One great example is Ascension, which I know we play a lot. I’ve talked about it before here . A new one from the same folks is Lords of Waterdeep, based on the board game, which you can see played on Tabletop here:

There are many other board game Apps which are a nice way to pull together all of my ideas here. So really, I guess it’s a board game Christmas! Guess what was on our list?

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