First Impression: We Have a PS3 Now

Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception

So, I know that the system has been out for a really long time now, but David and I just got a PS3 on the cheap (and my brain is hurting from a cold). It has been fun playing around with it and with being able to start to play games that I have not been able to until now. There are some things that I am enjoying about the console, but there are a few things that make me happy we bought the Xbox 360 first. Now the ability to play certain games on the Xbox 360 was a big factor in our purchase because the Mass Effect series is amazing, as well as disappointing all at once. David is also a big fan of the Halo series. Now that we have a PS3 it is reminding of my love of some of the PS3 exclusives.

One of the things that I have really enjoyed about the PS3 is that there were just some innovative upgrades that they made, while the Xbox 360 just seems like a standard upgrade. Here are some things I have enjoyed.


So even though the PS3 is not backwards compatible we have already found quite a few games that we want to download. One of the big things has been getting the Final Fantasy games that we can play again, as well as some other older games that we are excited about playing. David and I were both huge fans of the PS1 and PS2 so seeing some of these games crop up again and seeing them upgraded is neat. It is amazing how much time you can take playing games that are nostalgic.

New Games

There are some really neat PS3 exclusives that we have not gotten to play, but I have heard amazing things about. One game that we are actually excited to play is the Doctor Who Eternity Clock, which also stars River Song and hypothetically includes some new Doctor and River information. As a Doctor Who fan this just makes me excited. We are not quite ready to get an upgraded system and we have pretty much gotten all the Xbox 360 games that we want, so this provides new games for us to play.

Borrow / Buy Cheap

So the other part that is nice about getting the PS3 at the end of its life is that we can borrow or buy games on the cheap. We have some friends who already had a PS3 and so have some of the games that we would like to play. Some games that you can really love are also one time play throughs, it does not make them bad games, but you play the story and then it is done. We definitely have a few games like that, that it would be a long time before I would want to play it again. The other part is that many of the older PS3 games we can potentially get on the cheap because they have been out long enough that they drop down to $20 or sometimes cheaper. I definitely sometimes wonder if buying the games first thing is worth it considering how much the price sometimes drops.

So those are some of my first impressions. I have started playing Uncharted 3 which I am really enjoying as a story and puzzle game. It does remind me of the Tomb Raider game, which I also really enjoyed. The other game I have gotten to play is Little Big Planet and it is absolutely as cute as I thought it would be and there is just such joy in that game. I am enjoying what I have experienced so far with the PS3 and do not feel like I missed out by not owning it sooner.

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