What Can We Expect from the Doctor Who Christmas Special?

Well, I have previously done some brainstorming on what I thought might happen in series 7 of Doctor Who, and in the 50th Anniversary Special, and now that these episodes have come to pass, are we there? Have all of my questions been answered? I think not. So what is going to happen in the Christmas Special?

It’s still Moffat at the helm, and he knows how to play a long con. I think he is still planning on answering questions. The 50th Anniversary special tells us this.

But there are also a lot of items on the table, and I don’t know that we’re going to see all of these things. However, there are some known things happening – so what can we expect, given what is known? Onwards, to spoilers and speculation!

What We Know

There are a few known quantities, between news and casting and the trailers. First, the full trailer for the episode:

So we know it’s The Time of the Doctor, following The Name of the Doctor, and The Day of the Doctor. So kind of an epic trilogy.

And we know that many of the Doctor’s greatest foes will be in it: Cybermen, the Daleks, the Silents, the Weeping Angels. Everyone arrayed against him, it seems. So this should be exciting.

And we know that it’s Trenzalore, which we know is the location of The Fall of the Eleventh – the end of Matt Smith’s time as the Doctor. And, from casting, we know that this is the introduction of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Well, other than his epic eyebrows in The Day of the Doctor.

And we know we have our same companion still – Jenna-Louise Coleman. Not sure we know yet how far on her stay on the show will be, but for continuity, carrying over the companion into the first season of the new Doctor worked before with Rose and Ten. So we’ll see.

So, epic battle, regeneration, Trenzalore. But really, what’s going to happen?


So first, I found this great fan-made trailer for the Christmas Special, which does a nice job of working in some of the relevant lines and language for the episode, for Trenzalore:

So, we go back to my post on Unanswered Questions from Steven Moffat’s time on Doctor Who. We still have some major questions, which seem to all focus around the Silence: the idea that there is an endless war against the Doctor, that Silence Will Fall, that the question must never be asked.

So, who sabotaged the TARDIS in series 5? I still think the Silence, but we don’t have an actual answer to this question. I would like to see that answered before Matt Smith goes.

What is going to happen on Trenzalore? On the day when “no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer.” Why is this so? And will the Doctor take advantage of it – figuring out his opponents’ strategy, or secrets – why the TARDIS exploded, for instance? Will he ask about the hiding place of Gallifrey?

That’s something I don’t know if we’ll see in the episode – a continuation of the plot of The Day of the Doctor. At least, insofar as the Doctor saved Gallifrey and it’s out there waiting to be found. No, we’re going to Trenzalore instead; maybe in search of Gallifrey, but I’m thinking it’s not there.

Meanwhile, there’s one other character I would like to see show up. And that’s River Song. I know I’ve mentioned this before, and that we’ve been marathoning her time with the Doctor, but still, it seems to me that while they did something of a goodbye to her in The Name of the Doctor, there is still one secret which River knows, and we never saw where she learned this.

She knows the Doctor’s name.

The moment when we thought she was told this, during The Wedding of River Song, it was actually the Doctor telling her that he was not going to die, but was in fact inside the Teselecta. However, we know from Silence in the Library and The Name of the Doctor that River knows his name. She still needs to learn it – so she still has one more adventure, at least, with the Doctor. And Trenzalore may be the perfect time for that.

Plus, they’re going to war. Every baddie he knows is there. When this has happened before, he’s called on River – and others. I’m hoping to see a great cast of friends there to help. After all, the Doctor was said to have gone to war with millions at his side on Trenzalore. Or maybe millions against him. Millions dead. Something. There’s a lot of graves – including River’s. It’s going to be big.

One Last Thought

How is this going to be a Christmas Special, though? What will it have to do with Christmas, I mean. The others tend to, at least happening on Earth at Christmas. I imagine this will still be the case, but the events don’t seem to be at all Earth-centric. It will be interesting to see if this is weaved in at all, or not.

Alright, that’s what I’ve got. That, and a slew of ideas and questions from past posts still waiting to be answered! What do you think they’re going to sneak into the Christmas Special this year? Let us know in the comments below!


2 responses to “What Can We Expect from the Doctor Who Christmas Special?

  1. As much as Clara isn’t my favorite, I really hope we get at least a couple of episodes of her with Twelve. I’m interested to see how that dynamic will be. I’m with you, though; I want to see River, River, River soon.


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