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Is Gamer Girl and Fem Shep Helping or Hurting?

Mass Effect 3 Shepherd Wallpaper

I have seen the term Gamer Girl or Gamer Gurl used in a couple different articles and it got me thinking. Why do we need to use the term Gamer Girl to define a woman who games? After seeing it referenced in one occasion I actually got a little mad. I consider myself a gamer, the fact that I am a woman is just another aspect of who I am, but it does not define me as a gamer. By calling out the gender, are we at the same time calling out that we are different? When really a gamer should be a gamer no matter what. By adding girl to the end of gamer, it could be argued that we are making a subtle statement that there is a difference between being a Gamer and being a Gamer Girl.

Now I do understand the reason that these terms have arisen. How do we denote the rise in women calling themselves Gamers if we do not distinguish that there is a difference. It is a fine line that has to be walked to try and confront gender norms and highlight that both men and women participate in the variety of activities. At the same time culturally the default is to think of certain things as activities for men and therefore we need to confront that. How do we do that without emphasizing that there are women participating in these tasks? Continue reading