Night off?

Whoops, today got away from us! We have a few things we can mention:

  • I had a job interview!
  • Cookies were baked!
  • We have a PS3 now!

So we’ve been playing around with the PS3, which came with a year of Playstation Network Plus membership, so we were checking out available games and discounts. And realizing that a number of the downloadable games are a lot of gigabytes – and while our hard drive can take it, can our Internet download limit?

We will have a couple of posts up this weekend, though. But for now, I will leave you with this:

If it fits...


2 responses to “Night off?

  1. congrats on the interview, I know how that feels, having just suffered through two years of it.

    I hope the cookies are delicious.

    Even though I am not a cat person (allergic), I approve of the photo.


  2. Oh my lord! You seem to have caught a cat!


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