Console Search – PS3

We’re starting to see the new consoles at the stores, or at least the gaps where they should be, and we’re still not sure what our next console is going to be. PS4? X-Box One? Wait for a Steam Box? Grab a WiiU?

We’re staring down the end of the games for our current console, as well. The last X-Box 360 game I think we are really looking forward to is Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lightning Returns. And we have a lot of a backlog we’re still working through, both some good-looking co-op games and some single player ones. Some of us beating and playing games the other has played. And plenty to replay.

But it’s time to be thinking of new consoles, it seems, and so we’ve done some looking and thinking. Some wish-listing. And it seems that the time may not be better to get one of the current generation’s consoles: there are lots of multi-game packs, and prices are dropping. So our next console may very well be a PS3.

Chance to Play the Series that were Console-Specific

This is of course one of the obvious benefits of getting a console you don’t have. And a lot of the games coming out on the new consoles so far, the ones we know about and that are supposed to get us excited, are a lot of ones in these series. Sure, not all of them, but there are definitely a lot of sequels on their way.

And a lot of these are first off coming out on the existing consoles as well, so the urge to jump to a new console is low from that. And a number of these series we haven’t played before – especially the PlayStation series. We don’t know what we’re missing when it comes to Uncharted. I also haven’t actually beaten the X-Box 360 Halo games yet – so Halo 5 isn’t exciting me yet. But someday, these may be very fun titles on these consoles.

But for now, access to playing the older Uncharted games, or the Metal Gear Solid games I missed, or beating Halo 3 and 4 first… these things can come first before a new console.

Availability of Older Games

This goes a bit with the previous point, but I noticed there are a lot of older titles available in boxed-sets, whole series start-to-present that would be great for catching up. Packs with 5 games for $30. Some of them maybe the mobile games, like the PSP versions, but still, a great deal.

So this really makes it the time to check out a console you may not have had before. You can try out a whole series easily. Including some of the games from older consoles – some have been re-made in HD or re-released for the current consoles. A number of these on the PlayStation are SquareEnix games – which sounds good to me.

And for those of you in the opposite situation, I know there’s a lot of good stuff in the X-Box Arcade for download – older games, independent games, short ones. There’s some great and affordable stuff there that you might not be able to get anywhere else!

Free Games Release

One version of the PlayStation 3 console we found at the store had some interesting additions. It has a copy of Uncharted 3, since most of them come with some game or another. However, it also comes with a year subscription to PlayStation Network Plus, which I had not heard of before.

So we looked it up. The Plus subscription gets you access to a number of games for free, games we had added to the wish list of games we want for the PS3 anyway. So really, it would be large savings and a nice addition, especially getting it with the console. We saw this combo for $200, and it seems like a great deal! So we may very well get this. But I think we’re waiting through Christmas? So we’ll see.

On the X-Box, this Plus subscription sounds like what they have been doing with X-Box Gold, and the free Games With Gold. This is another great way to get your hands on some games for free. Unfortunately, the backlog doesn’t seem to stay free, so you have to keep checking it and get the games while you can! But still, we’ve picked up a few, and there have been others we already have – and which we definitely would have gotten if we didn’t have them!

So mostly, the older consoles are getting cheaper, the games are easy to get your hands on and also cheaper, and they’re giving away games right now, to keep excitement and hype going while they transition into the new consoles! So I say the time is now to take advantage of these things, and that your next good console buy may very well be one of the older-gen consoles – not a newer one!

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