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Screenshot AppDavid and I had heard about from a few of the blogs and videos that we watch. Last September we decided to give it a try to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses. The experience that we had was absolutely fabulous and I love my new glasses. David has now gone through the experience and he even had some issues, which showed us the great customer service that offers.

One of the best things that we really liked about is the fact that they have an iPad app. With the app you can actually take a scan of your face and see how glasses would look on your face. The app allows you to try on any type of glasses and even show four to a page if you so desire. Now the one downside is that the app does not allow you to search by your prescription, but the website does. So you can actually enter your prescription information to know that the glasses you select will work with your prescription.

iPad App

Screenshot of 3D ScanThe iPad app is one of the greatest parts of The scan of your face is actually really well done and it is not just getting a single shot. You scan your face turning from one side to the other and measure it against the iPad itself, so that you get an almost 3D model of your face. The scan is uploaded to the app and you can search for glasses by how it looks on your face. By the scan being a 3D model you can actually turn your face, move the glasses up or down your noise, and even show or hide more of the stem of the glasses to see how it would look on your face. This can all be done four at a time with looking at a variety of options at once and moving your face with them on. It makes it so much easier to decide on glasses online when you can see what they look like.

Simple Return and Trial Process

The other part of the app that works so well is that if you are getting glasses you can order five pairs to try on and then decide which ones you want to order, sending back the ones you do not want. The sunglasses are slightly more expensive and specialized so you cannot try them on, but you have 30 days from receipt to send them back no questions asked, same with the regular glasses. This means you do not have to worry about spending $150 or more dollars on a pair of glasses and being worried that they won’t work out. We have not tried out the five pair trial, but so far their policies have been very generous and it seems like a great process to go through.

Customer Service

This is partially about ordering, partially about customer service, but when you order the glasses you have to send in a copy of your actual prescription. There are multiple ways to do so, e-mail, upload, and even texting. Basically you order the glasses and then send in the prescription to finalize the order. David recently tried to order his own pair of prescription sunglasses and sent his prescription in by text. When he created the order and sent in his prescription he received a text back a little while later informing him that the type of glasses he ordered could not hold his prescription. He was then able to find another purchase that worked and they made sure to cancel his original order. This happened over a very reasonable amount of time and was able to be done all via text message. We have not had to deal with them in other ways, but they were very responsive.

Timely Delivery and Reasonable Price

One of the things that I really appreciated was that once you ordered the glasses it was only 5-7 days to receive them. At my optometrist I remember it taking quite a bit longer. Now, I do not know if I would want to do this for my every day glasses because I have insurance that covers one pair every two years. For prescription sunglasses though that would cost me out of pocket and I am pretty sure would have been a minimum of $300 if I had tried to get them at my optometrist office. This way I can get some of those extra items and can watch the cost. This is great for someone who maybe cannot afford regular insurance payments, but needs glasses. They could go to the eye doctor, get a prescription, and then use this service to get reasonable priced glasses in decent time. The other part would be if you cannot wait too long for the prescription to come in 5-7 days in an incredibly reasonable amount of times to get a new pair of glasses.

 Highly Recommend

I have to say for me I do like trying on physical glasses at my Doctor’s office, but that is partly because my insurance covers it. At the same time it can sometimes take me a long time to decide on a pair of glasses, so the website could allow me to take the time I would need. While, I would not get to try on a ton of options 5 options is actually a good number to be able to try on. The prices are broken down in to all their different options and you pay attention to the price you are paying before you actually order the glasses. There are a lot of things to enjoy about this service, now there is a possibility if you have a very specialized prescription that you might have trouble, but for the average person the service offered from is great.

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  3. Garbage lenses the get white marks after about a month went through 6 pairs and finally requested refund. Garbage I repeat garbage


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