Board Games on the iPad


Penny Arcade Gamers vs. EvilDavid and I have talked about a couple of board games that we play on our iPads, but the more we have travelled with them the more that I have fallen in love with them. We have created a considerable collection of board games between our two iPads and the benefits for travel has been incredible. Most travel is just the two of us and having to bring games to try and play, on airports, in airplanes, or even just relaxing on vacation would take a lot of space. The space issue also means that there is a limited number that you can bring. We do still have somewhat of a space issue, but that is just how much we can fit on our iPads.

Now playing on the iPad is very different from playing the normal board game. So if you have the ability to play the physical board game there is something about holding the physical pieces or being able to see the whole board which just feels very different. At the same time the convenience of the iPad board games is really amazing.

Space Saver

Lords of WaterdeepThe space saving aspect for travel is truly amazing. Instead of bringing a deck of cards and maybe a variety of card games we can bring our two iPads and have as many games as our iPads can hold. It is not just how many that we can hold it is the size of the games. It used to be that we could just bring card games and now we can bring full on board games because it is all on our iPads. Also, we do not have to worry about pieces falling everywhere and then losing them. When we did not have that many games it was not that big of a deal, but now that we have more it has become more impressive with the number of games that we can bring with us anywhere we go.

Play Anywhere

Pandemic MobileThis seems an obvious benefit when talking about the ability to play when we travel. You do not have to worry about where to set up the space, even though a table is nice. This means that wherever we go if we have our iPads we can play games either solo or together. Waiting for an appointment start in to quick game to wile the time away. Recently we had a lot of time to wait before boarding our cruise and the games on our iPad was a saving grace to pass the time. My favorite thing is being able to play games in bed. It is so great to be able to snuggle in to our warm bed and then crack open one of our iPads and play a board game. It is just so great to be able to play the games anywhere.

Advanced Functionality

Penny Arcade Gamers vs Evil 2The great part about the board games on the iPad is that they automate a lot of the more complicated rules and score keeping. Most of the games will quickly tell you what you can and cannot do, as well as lighting up the actions that are available for you to take. If there are cards that you can buy, quests you can complete, actions you can take, etc, the games on the iPad will try and make it obvious. Keeping track of the points can sometimes be the greatest part because some games. Some of the games that we like to play have complicated point systems and remembering to keep track of all your points can take some time. Luckily most of the people we play with are pretty forgiving, but it can be a little daunting. The iPad versions keep track of all of that for you, so you just get to play the game.

Games We Play

David and I have started creating quite a collection of various board games that we can play on our iPads. We really enjoy the variety of games that we can play on our iPads and the expansions that get added on. Everything from full board games, card games, dice game, and cooperative game we have a wide variety at our disposal. When we travel all those games are just a finger touch away.



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