Geek Vs. Nerd – Via Rap Battle!

As a blog with “geek” in the title, we are interested and sensitive to the definition of the word “geek.” This was, in fact, the focus of one of our very first blog posts. We also paid a lot of attention to this when the show King of the Nerds was on the air. We’ve even had guest posts exploring some of these ideas. And many other things; like, say, the whole entire blog.

The most common word that exists in relation to Geek is Nerd. These two concepts, groups, identities, definitions, what have you – these two are very similar but, especially once people identify with them, or have a definition that makes sense to them, become very different. But how do we define these terms?

Well, there is a new set of definitions out there, or maybe the old ones in a new, fun form. Geek versus Nerd – in a Rap Battle. Maybe not what you’d expect to see! But there we go, Geeks and Nerds continue to surprise us. Read on to see this video, and more!

Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek

Popular YouTubers Rhett & Link (I’ll go ahead and defend the statement “popular” with their 1.5 million subscribers) first made the Nerd vs. Geek rap, uploaded just last month. Well, made the one I’ve seen and am thinking of, anyway. Which is here:

Now this is not the first place I saw this, we hunted it down once we saw it referenced. It looks like there have been some covers and replies and such on YouTube, so people are interacting with these ideas. But the first one we saw is fun to consider.

SourceFed Nerd: Comfort Zone!

SourceFed Nerd does an ongoing segment called Comfort Zone, where they break out of their comfort zones and go out into the world to do something. They’ve gone out to shoot crazy powerful guns, done hip hop dance, things like this. Well, they did a rap battle then, and who better to learn from than Rhett and Link? And what rap better to do than the Nerd vs. Geek rap? Apparently, none better.

It’s fun to watch them try, and even more impressive what they pulled off with only a little work. The final rap battle is pretty great. Steve Zaragoza got the easy job, though, as the robot. Just saying.

So wait… is SourceFed Nerd nerdy or geeky?

So what does it all mean?

I could explore the definition of Geek and Nerd again. Explore their definitions. But really, I think they are closer to the dictionary definitions we might expect. So in the end, that’s not a worthwhile re-hashing. Instead, let’s listen to Rhett and Link discuss the video:

So the interesting take-away from this is the graph, I think, so here that is:

How about the words they use? Geeks adopt the language from fiction – and use #shiny. Nerds are learning and busy, and enter #studymode. Check out the graph, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

6 responses to “Geek Vs. Nerd – Via Rap Battle!

  1. I find this fascinating, and I am looking forward to watching those videos. I love the chart. According to it, I am a very nerdy geek.


  2. Yes, I agree, Geek is very appropriate for your site. T

    The reason I think I am a nerdy geek instead of a geeky nerd is because I tend to talk in the language of fiction. And oh yes, Doctor Who is on the geek side, though it is really a border region. Just looking at it the way the words are broken down, the chart suggests that I evolved through nerdishness to geekery.


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