Thor – Love Him or Hate Him?

I might be wrong about this, but ever since the first Thor movie came out I have felt that Thor is someone you either love, or do not really care for. I do not say hate because that is not what it is, there is just a detached non-caring about the character due to lack of interest versus a this-character-causes-me-to-rage-I-hate-it-so-much. The place I found this most recently was when Sourcefed Nerd did their review of Thor: the Dark World. Trisha Hershberger and Steve Zargoza are on opposite ends of the spectrum when reviewing the movie. They do a really good job of reviewing the movie without spoilers (which you can watch above) at the same time their eventually scoring comes off very differently.

Love Thor

Trisha really emphasizes what I loved about both movies and that is that it brings me into another world. I want to go to Asgard and see Heimdall, the warriors three, the Rainbow Bridge, Odin, etc. The story presented in both stories is such a fun time. In another review that I read they discussed how Thor keeps the joy in a superhero movie. With trying to bring these comic book movies closer to reality we often get dark and gritty with what is happening. In Thor we can enjoy the triumph over evil and just have a great time getting there. The humor that they put in to the story just makes the journey such a great time, even when everything can still be on the line.

Thor is a warrior and has grown up being a warrior. He has seen a myriad of battles, so his progression is not about the effects of the battle, but growing in to a leader. He is a powerful character and his strength is not his wit, but his shear force of will. He has never met a foe he cannot defeat. It is a fun ride and in some ways you know that Thor is going to succeed.

Meh, Thor

Steve’s comments about Thor are ones that I can understand, although I do not agree with. Thor has a very different journey than a lot of other superheroes, particularly the ones in the Avengers universe so far. Most of them have either had years of training, failed science experiments, genius robotics, etc, all which take a lot of time and effort to get them to be the superhero that they are now. Thor was born into royalty and has a magic hammer which allows him to be a badass. He is also from a different world that is connected to Earth by a thing called the Rainbow Bridge. It is understandable how some people could find it hard to be really brought in to this world.

The thing I found funny about Steve’s comment is that he wants them to change his mind, which is why he keeps going to the movie. He wants them to change his mind about Thor, but so far they have not. Now some of that I do wonder is being tainted by the comics because it does sound like the comic Thor might have the same issue, although I am not as knowledgable about those (though you can check out David’s limited review of the movie compared to the comics here).

My Opinion

If you could not already tell I am in the love Thor camp. I think the movies are a great time and add a level of humor that is sometimes lacking. Do not get me wrong I love Iron Man and Captain America, but the movies do have a very different feel to them. There is just a different level of real world issues that bleed into the movies that happen on Earth, while Thor can play more with the imagination of what other worlds might be like. In some ways I think I could watch the Thor movies more often than the others because it is just fun to watch the good guy just beat up the bad guy. Thor does have some strategic planning, but his hammer can do so much it can be difficult to give him an enemy that he cannot just lay to waste in one hit. At the same time it is fun to watch him do it. As well as the fact that Tom Hiddleston as Loki is brilliant and I am interested in where they are going to take these characters.

What do you think? Thor? Love him or indifferent?

11 responses to “Thor – Love Him or Hate Him?

  1. At the risk of sounding like one of those creepy Hiddlestone fangirls, I think Loki’s the more interesting character…in the same way people prefer Han Solo or Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker. Not that I dislike Thor. I really enjoyed watching him trying to understand modern human traditions and beverages in the first film…but he’s a little 2 dimensional. His scenes with Loki in the sequel, however, are fantastic. That sibling rivalry really shone through. 🙂


    • Loki is so much more complicated than Thor which is part of his charm. At the same time it is nice to know what you are getting with Thor. If you look at all the Avengers Thor has had the least character progression. He was humbled in the first movie, but I still do not know how far that took him.


  2. I love Thor, although I can totally understand some people being meh about him. There is that lack of instant connection because, as you pointed out, he is the son of a god and comes from another world, unlike a lot of superheroes who start out as average Joes here on Earth. I’m actually not big on Superman because I think of him as this super powerful Mr. Perfect, which is unappealing to me. But for some reason, I dig Thor. His big flaw is that he’s arrogant, but it makes him more interesting as this means he’s flawed.

    My two favorite Marvel superheroes are Thor and Captain America, who I view as opposites. Thor has to overcome his arrogance, whereas Captain America starts out incredibly humble. They come from opposite ends of that spectrum and must learn to deal as they go about “saving the world.”

    Anyway, totally agree with you and other reviews that love the humor in Thor. It is a different type of humor and very refreshing for a superhero movie!


    • I totally agree about the Superman comment. And actually in the Lego batman 2 game Superman being overpowered is part of the whole story and is hilarious. At the same time there is that seriously is there nothing he can’t do. At the same time I did enjoy the Man of Steel movie, but don’t know if I care to own as much as other superhero movies.

      It is true that Thor is arrogant, but it has become a lovable arrogant. They play it at just the right level to not be a douche.


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  7. I honestly don’t feel anything for Thor, if anything i find him a bit cocky. Not in the same way as Deadpool or Iron Man but in straigh up im a god so im better than you. Hes not from earth but acts like hes the only one who can protect it. I don’t hate him but hes kind of meh for me.


  8. Dont like Thor at all for the exact reasons most stated in this comment section


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