The No Good Very Bad Day

So, there will be two legitimate posts coming over the next couple of days, but for now this is the story of the no good, very bad day.

This day started out as any day would and in some ways better because it was one of my Fridays off. I got to catch up on some much needed sleep and David had even gotten me a chocolate chip scone for breakfast from our favorite place. I got to watch a live stream of an interesting talk about Women and Calling, then since it was a lovely day today got to go for a walk. After the walk David and I got ready to go on a few errands, including me getting my haircut. It is at this point that disaster struck.

We pull the car out of the garage and click the button to close it and it starts closing at an angle so we stop it. Then we go inside to try and see what is happening and at first cannot tell so we try the button on the inside. The garage will not close and it is obvious something is wrong. At this point I have to leave or will miss my appointment so David is left home to try and figure out what is going on and get his car out of the garage. The other thing to note is that it is 30 degrees outside and it will only get colder at night. It is an attached garage with our water heater in it, meaning if we cannot do something our pipes might freeze.

We get ladders and start looking at what is going on to figure out that the main bar that causes the garage to move has completely broken. We call in family to help and they can only do so much without the proper tools. Luckily a friend has experience so we call him and he actually does have the proper tools. David, with our friend, eventually gets the garage door closed, so our pipes won’t freeze. Now we are looking at the prospect of having to buy a whole new Garage Door and have our cars frozen every night. So while this day was not all bad, the garage situation lasted from 11 am until about 7 pm, making it a no good very bad day, as well as making it difficult for myself to write a post when all I am thinking about are the contingency plans for not having our pipes freeze and potentially burst. So again, sorry for the delay, but I hope you appreciate the circumstances.

Being an adult sucks sometimes.


One response to “The No Good Very Bad Day

  1. yes being an adult does suck. and I do appreciate the circumstances, i think any reasonable person would.


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