Seeing Carrie for the First Time

Though Holly had seen the original film Carrie and had just recently finished reading the book to compare for her LitFlix. Check that out here if you want to read up on a comparison of the new movie to the book.

I, however, had never read the book, nor seen the original movie. Holly tried to talk me into reading the book first, but I ran out of time to do so and avoided starting, so I at least could have the whole experience of seeing this movie fresh.

So what did I think? In short, it was a pretty good movie. Nowhere near as far into horror as I might have thought, nor as surprising as I expected. I would recommend checking this out for a watch, whatever your reading and viewing past with this story. For more thoughts, check out below!

What I Was Expecting

My main expectations came from comments Holly said, trying to avoid spoilers but also tell me about what she was reading and liked about the story, to try to convince me to read it. That, and then the viral marketing video they put out:

Which, if you have not seen it (almost 47 million views, so you may very well have), that is worth a view. Excellent special effects work, and a fun way to do an advert for a movie. If you have seen that, check out some more reactions to this video:

Anyway, back on topic. From this video, and what I had heard of Carrie, I was clearly expecting telekinesis. Certainly something I love in film, from movies like Push or even its more minor role in Looper, or of course iconic roles like in the X-Men franchise. So really this was exciting.

But I also expected this to be a surprise reveal, because I knew there was a reacting event, that things went down, that Carrie ends up covered in blood. I’d seen posters. It’s a thing.

But I was kind of disappointed that I felt like they had spoiled this for me. That they were giving away the reveal, and I guess expecting that I knew the story and so I wasn’t going to be spoiled. So I went into this kind of thinking that the movie had been ruined from even knowing just a little bit about what was going to happen.

So Then We Went To Prom… I Mean, The Movie

So I did not warn about spoilers, because I would largely like to avoid them. If you really don’t know what’s going to happen in this movie or, like me, mostly just know there’s some telekinetic something going down, then fear not! And go see this film.

Because we figure out quite quickly that Carrie is telekinetic, so that is not a spoiler. She figures this out and spends most of the film studying, practicing, and learning about it, and it’s more about her coming to terms with this great power. So it’s far more psychological: how would you come to terms with being telekinetic?

And then, if you had grown up in the house that Carrie did? With that mom?

Hit Girl 2So anyway, fun movie, definitely feeling the Stephen King. Chloe Grace Moretz, or Hit Girl, was great as the awkward but powerful Carrie. Definitely some good stuff going on.

And as this was Stephen King’s first published book, I can tell that some things were updated to put this movie into modern day. However, I find these things – and their consequences – very realistic. Including things like that somewhat legitimizes making the new film, I suppose, because then it becomes a commentary on cyber bullying as well as normal bullying.

New and important rule: don’t bully, and really don’t bully someone telekinetic.

So if you’re looking for a different review, the folks over at SourceFed Nerd saw Carrie as well. My main thought on this review, now that I am watching it having seen the movie… I don’t think they knew that this was based on not just an older film, but also a book. Every reference they make is to the older movie, not to the book. So one of them had seen the older one, and one hadn’t, so they give a couple different perspectives, and some interesting points.

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