Revisiting Old Friends

With the movie for Ender’s Game coming out here in a few days I have been rereading the book. I remember loving the book the first and only time I read it, enough that I read that entire half of the series (I still need to read the Shadow series). Picking it up again I immediately was reminded about how good the book was. From the very beginning I do not want to put the book down. I keep sneaking in moments to read it when I can because even though I know what happens the journey they paint in the book is so well done. I know people are very against Orson Scott Card right now, but this book is good and I appreciate the details put into it. 

The big thing that this has reminded me of are those books, games, movies, TV shows that we either grew up with or it has just been a while since we have engaged with them and suddenly we just decide to pick it up and it is like an old friend. Most of the time we are reminded of how great it was and then other times we look at it and the seams are showing a bit more than we remember. At the same time re-experiencing those moments make us tap in to the original emotions that we felt when experiencing them for the first time.

This Is So Good

This is the reaction that you want to have when re-experiencing a beloved media. Sometimes the memory is as good as the reality and other times the reality is better. It is not just experiencing it again and remembering how it made you feel. It is watching it again and almost being able to experience it all over again. I find this with books more often because there might be a turn of phrase that you missed the first time or just some other aspect that you are noticing.  The other place that I tend to fall back on this is with the 80’s cartoons I grew up with, but that just might be because I love them so much.

Wow This Did Not Hold Up

Now this reaction does not always happen, but when it does it can be so disappointing. You have either built up the idea of something in your mind or were simply watching through the lenses of your child mind that did not know better. Then you decide to revisit it because you remember really enjoying it, something you loved when you were younger. You start to read / watch / play and it is not turning out like you remember it. The best example I have of this is the first time I re-watched Season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I love that show, but I watched it from the first season and I was hooked. Years later the DVD for the first season came out when I was in college and I was so stoked. Now not that there are still not things to love about the first season, but I must have glossed over some of the special effects in my mind because it just was not as good as I remembered. The dialogue was still great and the general story, but I was looking back and somewhat amazed that that show got to keep going and Firefly got cancelled.


Of course this all comes back to the nostalgia we hold for certain items. Key moments in our childhood can be shaped by what media we consume. I distinctly remember Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, The Last Unicorn, The Babysitter’s Club, and so much more.  Some of them I could probably watch again and other things would probably disappoint. At the same time they will always hold a fondness with us because they remind us of a different time and what we felt or who we were when we were experiencing those things.

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