New Marvel Trailers – It’s Trailer Watch Time!

If it hasn’t been obvious, say from posts about Marvel casting choices, I am very excited about the Marvel movie plans. On the Marvel Phase 2 front, we’re expecting films through 2015 right now, and a number of films are expected to be announced here at some point to carry us well into Phase 3.

From other studios, the most exciting is undoubtedly Brian Singer’s Days of Future Past, tapping into one of the most beloved storylines from the X-Men comics, and tying the sequels and prequels all together. There may even be further X-Men movies in the works?

But despite all the news we keep hearing, names of movies, or leaked photos from Brian Singer, official castings… They suddenly hit us with a trailer for two movies this last week. Check those out below!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

It looks like Nick Fury getting Cap involved in the world again is working out alright in this trailer! He’s out and about doing jobs with SHIELD, and with Black Widow. Good to see they’re keeping her in the movies, though it’s too bad we’re not also getting Hawkeye… Instead, we’re getting our introduction to the Falcon.

And we lose more good Helicarriers that way! Lots of those under attack these days, like in Lego Marvel Super Heroes

They’re going with an April release, which is a bit concerning to me. April is not known as a big movie month, so are they not expecting much from this movie? And it’s early April, too, so a full month before the summer blockbusters usually start. Then again, that avoids competing with the next film…

X-Men Days of Future Past

Brian Singer really has kept the social spheres full of information and hype for this movie, which has had me somewhat worried – either that it would not live up to the hype, or it would give away everything that happens. The latter is difficult to not have happen, given how much we know about these characters – between 50 years of comics as of this year, and six films in this series.

They set it up in The Wolverine, and they seem to be going with it – Logan is the one traveling back in time. While I love the thought of it being Shadowcat, the lengthy timespan they are running between the old-world and new makes it so really only Wolverine could do it.

And then, they seem to be hitting psychologically. Wolverine may need to convince Professor X to follow the Dream. That is not necessarily the plot to be expecting! So I think this has lots in store for us that hasn’t been leaked, and can be emotionally complex like First Class was, while taking advantage of the full cast of amazing actors at their disposal. I’m excited!

And they’ve come out with a second in their series of brilliant posters:

What are you most excited about with these movies? Most concerned about?

4 responses to “New Marvel Trailers – It’s Trailer Watch Time!

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  3. I am SO excited for DoFP. I really hope it’s as good as First Class, which is what got me interested in the first place.


    • Yeah, if they just keep the First Class momentum going, they’ve got it. And I thought The Wolverine was pretty solid, but it’s a different sort of story – solo quest versus ensemble cast. This is going to be, if anything, a two-ensemble-cast movie, so the challenges are huge! Crossing all my fingers!


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