Update: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

So Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has been on for a while now and a couple of sites that I read do recaps / reviews for every episode. I thought I would just give an update about where the show is and my responses to some of the comments and reviews that I have read. Some of the stuff in the reviews I agree with and others I do not quite understand. So first I will do a general look at how I think the show is going.

Honestly, there are things I love, but overall I am kind of meh about the show. I enjoy bits and pieces of it, but overall it has not really pulled me in. The most recent episode did more to increase the intrigue in the show than any of the previous episodes, which was nice, but I will have to see where they go with it. I have to say I am a little disappointed about how it has been going so far, but I still like it enough that I will keep watching. Some of the reviews I have read have made some interesting claims and I am a little surprised that they keep watching. Although maybe like me they were so looking forward to it they just cannot let it go because it is still superheroes, sort of.

Not Enough Superheroes or Supervillains

So one of the biggest comments that I have heard is that there have not been enough superheroes or supervillains. Now the most recent episode kind of introduces us to a potential superhero / supervillain, but it really has felt a little lacking. I appreciate that this is about the non-super-powered agents, but part of it is how do you deal with this world where these people with superpowers exist? Some of what I thought could be interesting is them figuring out how to deal and relate with people who could probably kill them or worse. As well as then discovering that these new abilities exist. It could have really spoken to the essence of the human nature.

Characters Are Too Beautiful

So this is a double edged sword for me. On one hand I appreciate that the lack of diversity or real people in media is a huge problem. Too often we get over-glamorized actors as opposed to what people actually look like. At the same time looks should not say anything about one’s ability to accomplish a task. One review in particular has been making the comment that Skye’s looks are distracting, which I personally do not understand. I do not mind the looks of any of the characters, although I appreciate the need to have more normal looking people on TV. At the same time that is hard to figure out.

Skye is Pointless

Okay so with the most recent episode we have gotten a better explanation of why Skye is around in general. At the same time the reason they brought her on the team in the first place is still a bit questionable. As May’s character noted I don’t invite the guy who broke in to my house to come live with me. Also as many people have pointed out her role is redundant with Fitz and Simmons as the science tech duo. She cannot really fight and the only importance is that she worked for the Rising Tide which got them in to a location they could not have accessed before. Now the most recent episode has brought more intrigue to her character, which definitely helped to add a bit of depth.

The Rising Tide

So the perception of the Rising Tide has been one of the more confusing things about the show. After reading the comments about the first episode I felt like people had watched a different episode than I did. Everyone was saying the Rising Tide was the big bad and they were making a group similar to Anonymous the big evil, which a lot of people were not happy with. I personally thought Centipede was the bigger villain and Rising Tide was used more to explain that with the cat out of the bag with superheroes and aliens that there is a thirst for more information, which S.H.I.E.L.D. is trying to keep secret.

Skye as Betrayer

So the most recent episode has brought some of this to light, but with the second episode a lot of people were saying that Skye was secretly still working with Rising Tide. Now some of this can be blamed on the writers or director for not making it clear. The moment is at the end of the second episode where Skye checks her phone and it is a message from the Rising Tide. People saw her saying “I’m in” and think that she is committing to more acts. If we had time to read the message we could see that the Rising Tide is going dark and Skye is saying that is okay. She has all this data she could have shared and she keeps quiet and agrees with the group going dark. I think it was a moment where she was re-considering her thoughts about who S.H.I.E.L.D. is.

Moving Forward

So the show has been dragging a little bit starting out, but it seems to be picking up a bit of steam. I love Coulson and May and would love to see more interaction between them because they are both brilliant. We were given the initial question about what really happened to Coulson, but they have not kept that line of thinking interesting enough to keep our interest. We seem to be moving towards an overarching villain, which I think will really help the show solidify a little bit better. Hopefully they work more on getting the relationship of the team hammered out because for most of the group they just seem to be there, but they do not seem to have a connection between each other. It is possible that the new tension with Skye will help just because it will add a new dynamic. I really want this show to be good because it has so much good to work with.


One response to “Update: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  1. Living the Geek Life

    I think there’s confusion between the two villainous organizations because the show hasn’t figured out what the Big Bad is either. Rising Tide hasn’t turned out to be very interesting, so with the resurgence of Centipede this week, it seems to me they are boosting Centipede back to the limelight. It’s even possible the two are linked. We just haven’t been given clear direction on who we actually need to worry about yet. I’m leaning toward Centipede being a bigger real threat. But the show needs to decide.


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