Daily Archives: October 15, 2013

Geek 501 – Sharing

One of our guest bloggers, AC Powers, suggested a new ongoing set of posts here on Comparative Geeks. Primers in geekery. A Geek 101, if you will.

However, Holly and I both have a masters, so by golly, it’s Geek 501. Welcome to primers for people who want to master Geekery.

Right? That’s how that works.

I thought I would open with one of the more important parts of Geek Culture – sharing. One of the things that might separate “geek” from other sorts of groupings (like “nerd”) is the outward excitement and passion geeks have for the things they love. It’s not secret or hidden, but open and known. And while this sort of enthusiasm seems to be becoming less counter-cultural and more of the norm, that does not mean it is not a defining characteristic of geekdom.

So, for a bit of a primer in: sharing, for geeks!

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