Snow Villiers

Snow Villiers

One of my favorite characters from Final Fantasy XIII is Snow Villiers. His attitude is so contagious as you are playing the game. During Final Fantasy XIII Snow never lets anything hold him back. He is constantly trying to keep everyone’s spirits up and tries to make sense of the crazy things that are happening to them. He is practically a force of nature as he moves forward through the quests. He was also the best front man because he could do crazy damage and really take a hit.

So Final Fantasy XIII ends and Snow asks Sareh to marry him and even gets Lightning’s permission. Then in Final Fantasy XIII-2 everything has changed, Lightning has disappeared and only Sarah remembers, so Snow, believing in Sarah goes searching for her. In this second chapter Snow is definitely getting more worn and tattered at this point, but he is still the same person; pushing forward when all odds seem to be against him.

Large Ego

So the first thing that people might notice about Snow is that he is really full of himself. He is always the greatest thing happening at the moment, but it is in a likable way. He is the first person to stand up in a fight. He was the leader of N.O.R.A. a rebel group because it is the right thing to do and of course he was the one to do it. I do not know that an insult could every break through his exterior because Snow is who he is and knows it. He knows that he is doing the right thing and does not really care what anyone else thinks. Too much one direction and he could have been very annoying, but he is so jovial about everything you cannot help, but fall in love with him.


Part of the reason that he is so likable is that he is actually quite selfless. I know large ego and selfless does not seem to go together, but the ego allowed him to believe that he could take on anything. In the end the thing he wanted to do was protect other people. When Snow saw injustices he could not help, but step in, even if it meant putting himself in danger. At the same time he did not really believe that anything would happen because he was invisible, of course. At the same time it is hard not to like someone who is willing to stand by his love, his friends, and even the innocent bystander.


The other thing about Snow is I do not think at any point in either game we see him sad. He always has a smile on his face and never lets anything keep him down. He can be staring in to the face of immeasurable odds and just throw his head back and laugh. Partly because it is about to be an amazing fight and the other part seems to be that he just exudes this amazing attitude. Snow is just a contagious person who yells the battle cry that gets everyone else to pick up the banner and join in the fight. He does not let anyone remain down, no matter how upset or angry, he cannot help himself, but try to make things better.

Lightning Returns

So I have heard that Snow is showing up as a non-playable character in Lightning Returns, so I am really interested in what they are going to do with his character. Snow by this game will have been through so much, it will be interesting if he will be the same person. From the artwork that I have seen of Snow in this game makes me think they might being showing the wear that he has gone through. In the end it makes sense because of everything Snow has gone through, but it will break my heart to see Snow torn down.

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