The Perfecting Reading Moment

So this will be a short post since I am traveling, but I had a thought that I wanted to share. Has anyone ever tried to start reading a book, but you have trouble even getting started?

You will go through all different processes to try and get in the right mode. At times this is helpful, but at other times this can be more of a distraction. So you just decide to start reading, but even after getting 50 to 100 pages in to the book you realize you are not really paying attention. This can either lead to you never reading the book or waiting a longer time to read the book. These moments usually make reading frustrating.

Then there are times that you just pick up a book and it is like a switch just turns on. You immerse yourself in the story that is being laid out before you. You initially start reading and you can drop it and pick it up later. Even waiting a bit between reads when you pick it up is was like you were just reading it. It is this great synergistic moment when your brain just seems to be working on the frequency you need to be reading at that moment. Those moments are so great and it is really frustrating when you want to read, but are not in that moment.

The biggest thing that I have found is that you cannot force it. If I try and read and the feeling is not coming, then I might as well not continue reading because it will not come. Distraction does not seem to be the issue either because I had this problem camping in the woods. There is no electricity just you and nature and I could not get into a mode where I could easily read. The biggest thing is to take advantage when I can because when I do get into those moments I end up reading so fast, but I retain it. It is not just words on a page the images of the story unfold before me and I see and live what the characters are experiencing. Moments like this are the reason that I love to read.

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