Verdict: Sleepy Hollow

So recently I discussed some new shows starting this fall that I was planning on giving a chance. One of them premiered on Monday of this week, Sleepy Hollow. I know it is Saturday, but I have just found the time to actually watch the show to be able to give my reaction. The quick reaction is that you should be watching this show, especially if you love a supernatural mystery that is also dealing with an impending apocalypse.

In short the show, in my humble opinion, is starting out fantastic. There is an overarching mystery, the sense of the supernatural, religion, magic, history, mythology, all placed in the world today where the unexplainable is often dismissed or rationalized. Creating the very distinct problem of how do you explain someone who claims that before awaking today they were fighting the Revolutionary War? Here are some of the things that I particularly enjoyed about the first episode.

Grounded in History

So far, they seem to be doing a reasonable mix of history and new mythology. Referencing the book of Revelations from the Bible grounds the stories in our reality, rather than creating a new mythos. There is also the talk about the Revolutionary War and the character of Ichabod Crane himself. They could have glamorized or tried and modernized the character of Ichabod Crane to make him more relatable as a character, but sacrificing the sense of authenticity of the character.

There are little things that they have chosen to do which really makes Ichabod Crane feel like a man displaced in time.The costume and look alone would not be enough. The way he talks is very reminiscent of a person who is from an earlier time period. One of the more subtle pieces is the pronunciation of the word Lieutenant. It is different, he says it like “leftenant”, which is the British pronunciation. This makes sense because the American accent has been developed over centuries. It really lends to him being displaced from his time.

Great Funny Moments

So with the combination of a horror movie and supernatural mystery, the show could come off as extremely suspenseful and serious. Parts of the show are definitely adrenaline pumping, edge of your seat moments, but they relieve some of that tension with some great moments of humor. Some of that is found in the time shift with Ichabod Crane as he finds out about twentieth century America. Which makes sense because there are bound to be some hilarious mistakes when someone feels as if yesterday was a time before electricity.

The other moments are such brilliant little tidbits. I do not want to give too much away, but they do some great subtle visuals that are so completely hilarious. The writers understand they they are building a lot of tension and questions which leave the audience wondering. The moments of humor are subtle and help relieve some of the tension without ruining the pacing of the story.

Start Watching

I do not want to talk too much more because I do not want to give anything away. Just suffice to say you should watch this show. It could take a turn for the worse, but from the very first episode it is worth continuing. We will see where it is after a few more, but there are enough questions that need to be answered to keep this story going for a good long while.

2 responses to “Verdict: Sleepy Hollow

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  2. I just started watching th it on Hulu. I love the show and do appreciate the authenticity of a displaced time-traveler. My problem with the biblical references is that is no “s” on the name of th h we last book in the bible. Someone on the show should h as ‘ve caught that. It is the Book of Revelation not Revelations.


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