Daily Archives: September 20, 2013

Morality in Video Games

So I have been wanting to write this post for a while now and with the recent release of Grand Theft Auto V seemed like a perfect time. The GTA games have often been surrounded by controversy due to the acts that you can preform. Some of the problems I think people have are that you are acting out situations presented in real life. The other part is that in the game you control a character that is a criminal committing illegal acts. This alone would probably give some people’s problems, but there are a few other things that people have problems with.

I have personally never played any of the GTA games and have never had a desire to, but they do bring up an interesting question; are there things that you would be unwilling to do in a video game? The controversy around the most recent GTA game revolves around having to torture a person for information. It sounds as though it is a necessary part of the game to actually torture someone, which some people have a huge problem with. It is interesting because you are potentially killing people speeding away from the police, and even more. Yet, some people have chosen to draw the line at fictitious torture. It is an interesting exploration for where people draw the line. Continue reading