Daily Archives: September 15, 2013

Good Competition Shows

So I know for some that the idea of Good Reality TV is really does not go together and it is true. Most reality TV is so bogged down by drama it can be hard to watch. The shows that purposely play up the drama and really are just about pushing people to the limits. Any dating competition or weird game competition type shows or just putting strangers in a room always tend to be heavier on the drama because the whole purpose is to see what you can make people do. MTV is notorious for making shows that just hype up the drama of the situation.

The reality TV that I personally enjoy the best are ones where people compete based on a talent. Personally things like American Idol and America’s Got Talent do not really keep my attention because you have a mix of bad and good and it can be really hard to listen to and watch. I feel like those shows are more about trying to watch a train wreck happen on stage. When you really have talented people competing against each other you get to see amazing work happen. Drama can still happen, but the show is better when it is about the work. So here is a little exploration to the type of reality shows that I think work best.

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