Daily Archives: September 7, 2013

PAX Controversy

So I know that PAX Controversy is a really generic title, but anything else I could think of ended up sounding a bit too much of a joke for something that is really a controversial topic. So if you do not know what Dickwolves are be grateful, and they will be explained further in some other articles I will be linking to. The basic concept is that Penny Arcade created a comic that used rape to look at the contradictory nature of questing in games such as World of Warcraft where you can only save a certain number and then you have to leave the rest to often horrible fates. There were a lot of people who felt that the use of rape and how it was portrayed was insulting to actual rape victims.

Now they could have just left it there, but as creators being attacked they got defensive that someone was making claims about what they meant. So they reacted and reacted in possibly the worst way you could react to something like this. It ended up enraging the other side of the issue and it ended up breaking down to both sides name calling, threatening, and generally moved past any sort of civilized debate on the issue. Escalating so far as having a Team Dickwolves shirt made for sale on the Penny Arcade  site, which was then removed weeks later. The issue eventually seemed to die down and then PAX happened this past week and Dickwolves got brought up again.  Continue reading