Sourcefed Nerd: Anime and Comics Review

I will admit that part of the reason I am writing this post is I am sick and the cold I have is kicking my ass. That being said David and I both have loved watching SourceFed Nerd. It is a YouTube channel dealing with a variety of geeky / nerdy things. They did huge coverage of San Diego Comic Con, they will do updates on new gadgets and their new movie thing show is a great review of the new releases in theaters.

Two shows that they have recently started do reaction / reviews. One is looking at various anime shows. They will watch the first couple of episodes and then talk about what they think and whether they would watch more. The other, that just started, is looking at recent comics that have come out and discussing them. They both are great ways to maybe think about anime or comics that could be interesting to read.

Anime Club

Anime Club is particularly interesting because they have one person who has watched and loves Anime and another person who has never watched Anime. It gives an interesting dichotomy between people who have experience with it and those who do not. There is a big difference between anime and other cartoons so it is neat to hear the perspective of someone who has never watched Anime before.

Ouran Host Club

So after listening to the description I decided to give this a try and I love it. It is so cute and kind of weird, but it is anime and I have  seen so much weirder. There is some great play on gender and there are certain elements that remind me of Revolutionary Girl Utena (which I have only seen a little bit of).

Full Metal Alchemist

So excited that they watched this next. I have not watched all of it, but this reminded me that I need to get back in to this anime. I have seen some of it, but really want to sit down and watch it at some point.


This is one that I am pretty sure I had heard of before, but was not sure what it was about. After listening to the review the show sounds like something that is worth a try and it is available on Hulu.

Soul Eater

This is the most recent review and it is something I would be willing to give a try, although not available on Hulu so that makes it harder. At the same time some of the characters sounded interesting, I mean one of them is death.

Next week they are doing Fruits Basket, which is an anime I have already seen and LOVE.

Required Reading

So this is a brand new show on Sourcefed Nerd that is looking at different comics. Now this does include spoilers so if you have not read the comic and do not want to be spoiled it can be a little difficult, but it is still neat to see what they are reading and potentially to read along. The first episode they looked at Batman Earth One a new origin story for Batman, which does sound interesting, even though I am just not that interested in reading Batman comics. Next week they are going to be looking at Saga, which I have heard a lot about recently.


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