First Thoughts – Diablo 3 Console

Diablo 3 ConsoleI should first say that I haven’t actually gotten to play Diablo 3 yet for our X-Box 360. We have it, it’s downloaded, and we need some time actually at home to play. I have Diablo 3 on the computer, and I talked about my playthrough of this before. I had some concerns, about how the game seemed to be speeding towards the end-game.

With the console version out, my hope is to play this co-op, with Holly, and as I have learned things about it, I think this is actually really exciting. You see, my first experience with Diablo as a series was on the PlayStation, playing co-op with my dad. Diablo 3 for the console leads me to hope that there will be a lot of similarities. Let’s take a quick look at what they have going on with it!

Diablo 3 Console: Diablo Console redone?

Some of the things I kind of complained about, or worried about with Diablo 3, included the seemingly fast run towards the end-game, the random aspects of online-only play, the fact that the skills don’t seem to really follow a system since you can know every skill (for your class), and the replay-ability is decreased with the unlocks, purchases, and gold transferring character to character.

However, with the console version coming out, it’s made me think about this all a lot in terms of Diablo, and I’m actually not seeing huge differences anymore. For instance, my dad and I would play whole runs through where we didn’t gain any levels – at some point, you’re about as high in level as the game can really get you. But we kept playing, for joy of the game, for the loot, the randomness… How is this different from the “end-game” play I’m worried about?

With the console version, not only do I not have to worry about people dropping into my game (to be fair, it was only friends who did before), but it’s shared screen, not split – like Diablo was. So you have to stick together and work together. I almost hope there’s an option to turn on friendly fire – that was a real challenge to avoid killing each other!

And knowing all of the skills, and just being able to change them when you want to? How is this different from Diablo? In Diablo, the spells were learned from spellbooks, and any class could learn them. Otherwise, you had weapons and used weapons. Diablo 3, having the ability to change your skills as needed allows you to both have limited access to only a few at a time with only one modifier (rune) each – while still being able to change it up as needed. Strategy and tactics, rather than systems. And, like I would do in Diablo, it also gives you the ability to change it up just to do something different, and have fun.

And with multiplayer, I feel like changing up classes, or working our way up the difficulty levels, will provide plenty of replay, especially since there will only be so much time we’re both available, not doing anything else, and wanting to play Diablo 3. The main concern here is actually just that I kind of don’t want to start my own character, and suddenly be ahead in terms of money, stash, recipes, etc. This is a tough thing with this game: it seems so kind, but it takes away much of the feeling of accomplishment in the game. Yes, it was annoying in Diablo 2 to have to find the Horadric Cube again, but so exciting once you did, and had it. And kept it forever.

But really, money and loot was something we did more character to character in Diablo… just took a bit more work than the stash.

No auction house, also, means that we won’t be doing what I did with Diablo 3 on the computer, which is ending up with way overpowered loot bought on the auction house. Enemy drops seem to be items you could have equipped several levels earlier… the auction house allows you to get something you would get as a drop many levels on, but that you could use right away. That takes away a lot of the challenge, but that sort of power is hard to want to give up. But if it’s never an option, it’s not a problem.

Diablo 3: Bring It On

So I’m excited for Diablo 3. I watched a bit of a couple of videos showcasing the game. Well, watched all of one short video, and a bit of the full version. This is the folks at Penny Arcade and PVP trying out Diablo 3 on the console. In some ways, they were painful players to watch, but it also showed a lot of the fun aspects of the game, as they just powered through (tunics or no tunics) the whole start of the game. If you’re thinking about Diablo 3 on the console, definitely check out these videos to see what the game looks like when really played!

Short Video:

Full Video:

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  1. No friendly fire. That does not sound fun to me.


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