5 Reasons You Should Watch the BBC Show Broadchurch

So David and I have recently started watching the BBC Show Broadchuch now that it has become available in the United States. We are three episodes in with the fourth one downloaded and waiting to watch and we love it. It is only going to be eight episodes long, but so much has happened in just three episodes. Every episode there is a new reveal for one of the characters.

The basic premise is that an 11 year old boy is discovered murdered in the small town of Broadchurch. Being a small town everybody knows everybody else, so the question is in a small town like this who could have done it. Most of the police have never had to deal with a crime of this caliber and cannot even imagine how one of their own residents could have committed such a crime. So here are my 5 reasons that you should watch Broadchurch.

Truly a Mystery

Now I know we are only three episodes in, but I still have no idea who it could be. There are still so many things that we do not know. They give you just enough information to keep the story moving forward, but not enough for us to be like I know it was that guy. I feel like on some of the episodes of the regular crime procedural you can sometimes figure it out halfway through. Then you end up sitting there yelling at the TV because the cops are being idiots.

Authentic Look at Crime in a Small Town

So with the crime being such a mystery I think it is a great examination of crime in general in a small town. This is a place where everyone who lives there knows each other. They see each other at the store, at the beach, at church, or just wondering around. They have never had to deal with truly violent crimes, the occasional possession charge, but nothing truly serious. Most of the cops have no idea to handle such a tragedy internally or with the public.

Look Into Human Nature

Now the other side of a crime of this nature is the people of the town coping with such a tragedy. We have the young reporter who wants to make it big not thinking about the impacting of releasing a statement too early. The towns people wondering how such a tragedy could happen. The family of the young boy in shock over what has happened. By the third episode it has only been three days since they found out their boy was dead. That is not a lot of time to process a death like that. Especially when almost the entire time they have been cooped up in the house.

The other side of things is all the lies that keep getting revealed. In an investigation like this the police are turning over every rock because there is no way to know what is related. The interesting thing is when the audience knows that someone is hiding something, even when we do not know what, and the cops have no idea they need to start looking there. Back to the point of it being a huge mystery.

Amazing Acting

So this is what makes this show really work. It does not really matter how good the story is if the actors do not pull it off and these actors pull it off. If you watch Doctor Who you will definitely recognize some of the characters. Everyone has done a fabulous job so far. Even just seemingly random people coming up to the police talking about being scared for their children. Everyone has just done a great job of building the tension that an unsolved murder in a small town would cause.

David Tennant

And the number one reason you should watch Broadchurch is that it is starring David Tennant. Now I admit I am extremely biased on this matter because I love him. He is brilliant as the outsider come who has come to the small town police force. His character is well known for a huge public incident that obviouisly ended badly. We have still not been privy to exactly what has happened, but they are dropping clues. Tennant’s character talks about his transfer to Broadchurch as penance.

At the same time he is the only one looking at the situation objectively and understanding that there are circumstances that anyone could commit murder. He comes off as really harsh, but it is obvious that he has seen and dealt with a lot of horrendous situations. He might seem cold, but he is focused on figuring out the truth and is not beating around the bush about it.

So if you want to watch Broadchurch it is airing on BBC America currently or it is available to purchase a season pass on iTunes for download. The first four episodes are currently available and it will only take the first one to get you hooked.

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