Happy Hour with Elliott Morgan

It might be obvious by now, but one of the things we like to do is start from something we like, and explore the things related to it. Like books and their movies, the TV shows, the different representations. I find a musician I like, I start to work backwards through their music.

Today, the rabbit’s hole has led us through YouTube, from Philip Defranco, to SourceFed and SourceFed Nerd, and now to one of the SourceFed contributors, Elliott Morgan.

Elliott Morgan (who has one of those names that seems like you need to say both together) has started a new regular segment on his personal YouTube channel, called Happy Hour. There, he combines a little bit of spirits with a little bit of opinionizing on a topic. And we’ve been enjoying it a bunch. Let’s look at a couple of the videos!

The Definition of Nerd

One of the first things we talked about on this blog was what it meant to be a geek versus being a nerd. We looked at the definitions thereof. And recently, shows like King of the Nerds have explored this idea a little bit as well.

In this video, Elliott Morgan talked about the same – and he kind of goes back to the definitions. The term nerd is about being an outcast, an outsider, about being different. And by becoming a group, and gaining popularity, is there now a new group of people being left out, and left behind by nerdom?

I don’t have the answers, nor does Elliott Morgan, but it’s a good exploration of the thought. This was also the video that got me thinking that this was a channel to share with you, my readers, so give it a look! What do you think?

Guide to being Manly

This video is also kind of representative of the way Elliott Morgan builds his arguments. He cuts through the fights, and the sides, and says something a little different. Like saying that being manly is about being above and beyond discussions and arguments about what manliness is, about doing things because they are right not because they are manly.

Because as he points out, no one wants to die and have all there is to say about them is that they led a manly life.

This was also an interesting topic for Elliott to dive into because it ties in with a lot of the comments that happen on SourceFed. Apparently he gets a lot of comments that he is gay (something his wife might disagree with, but hey), and that he maybe acts more effeminately than… than what? The “manly” men? As this video questions: what does that really mean?

Want to watch more Elliott Morgan? Check out his YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ElliottMorgan Give him a like or subscribe, as they ask for on SourceFed!

3 responses to “Happy Hour with Elliott Morgan

  1. Hey, have you listened to George Watsky? My new obsession. Love the blog, by the way!


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