Daily Archives: August 14, 2013

Scenes that Choke You Up

Feel all the Feels!Recently on Tabletalk on Sourcefed Nerd there was a question about the movie that makes you cry. The hosts discuss a variety of movies that make them cry from Moulin Rouge to Big Daddy. Thus, it got me thinking about the fact that I have cried at a lot of movies. I admit it, I will get totally invested in a movie and when things happen that are sad I will cry. I have cried at many a movie, a book, a tv show, and a few video games. The scenes that I find particularly potent are ones that I tear up at in after the fact. These are scenes that I had such a visceral reaction to that just describing them again will get me choked up.

Be warned the following scenes might tear you up. It was even a bit hard for me to write about them. Also, these contain major spoilers so you have been warned. Continue reading