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My Prelude to Marvel’s Infinity

A common thing in comics is the crossover event. It gives a chance to pull lots of characters together, sell lots of comics, get lots of people involved in creative processes, introduce people to different characters… it’s a mixed bag.

Sometimes, like with the X-Termination crossover I read earlier this year, the existence of the event seems to preclude it being epic – it’s epic because it’s the crossover. There were some epic bits, but also it was a problem larger than something they could even fight; it was more cerebral. But it was also the culmination of multiple storylines.

You get other crossover events, like last year’s Avengers vs. X-Men, or this year’s Age of Ultron, where they try to make drastic changes to the world, or where the changes are so drastic that the universe resets, and not much actually changes.

They Have to Get Bigger

But this week, the Avengers Marvel crossover event Infinity starts. So the cynical side of me might say, it’s a way of getting us interested in Thanos before he shows up more in the movies. The side of me that has recently discovered Jonathan Hickman – author of Avengers and New Avengers – is also super excited for this event.

Infinity is not the crazy end of plots. Only, if anything, the middle, I think. Plots that I have enjoyed immensely. Plots that I can only guess at what’s happening – and guess away I shall! My thoughts on Infinity ahead – spoilers for Avengers and New Avengers, and maybe for Infinity?

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