Daily Archives: August 10, 2013

YouTube Geek Week – Memories from before YouTube

Holly and I were talking last night about how YouTube has reached a point of feeling so pervasive, of having been something that’s always been there. But YouTube started in 2005 – not yet a decade even.

These days, when we share videos with each other, it’s all YouTube. When we want to share a video with you here on the blog, it’s usually all from YouTube. But back in the day, we were watching Internet videos, too, and they weren’t on YouTube, but other sites, like Albino Black Sheep and Ebaum’s World, and Flash creators, like HomeStar Runner and Amy Winfrey.

So I haven’t watched much from Geek Week, because a lot of what I’ve seen is stuff on the normal channels I watch with a Geek Week label, like a new TableTop on Geek & Sundry, and an hour-long Table Talk on SourceFed Nerd. So instead of giving you Geek Week, let’s look back at highlights from BYT – Before YouTube! Warning: some videos NSFW.

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