Reaction to the Reactions to Peter Capaldi as the New Doctor

So we are obviously not a news blog. We do not try and get the announcements out first we just react to things that have already come out. With the announcement of Peter Capaldi there were a ton of announcements on a variety of blogs that we read. Not only were there announcements, but there has been fan reactions and discussions of what it means for the new Doctor to be Peter Capaldi.

We are super excited for the new Doctor. There is always a time of hesitation, of wondering is this person going to actual do a good job and what is the vibe of the new Doctor going to be. Many blogs have made the announcements and made comments, the two that I read are The Mary Sue and io9. The comments are really where you get some of the most interesting reactions, but the blogs eventually released their own reactions. So here are our reactions to the reactions that we heard.

Another White Male

So some of the biggest reactions that I heard was that it is another white male. There was a lot of rumors going around about the next Doctor either being a person of color (particularly Idris Elba) or the hope that it would be a woman. I personally thought it would be exciting to change up the race / gender of the Doctor because every Doctor brings its own spin so a different race / gender should not change the Doctor any more then regeneration already does. At the same time I feel like the casting going white male is not a terrible thing. It should be more important to do the best actor than trying to force a specific race / gender.

Some people obviously really wanted it to be changed up, but others do not feel that Moffat would do a different race / gendered Doctor justice. There have been complaints that Moffat’s representation of women is not as empowering as it might seem. That the women do not have motives outside the Doctor. It is an interesting theory and I do not know that I fully subscribe to the thought process. Although I was very disappointed when Amy made out with the Doctor because my favorite interaction with the Doctor is when they are more friends than romantic. At the same time Donna is my favorite companion.

So in the end it is another white male and Gaiman does make an interesting point about Peter Capaldi being a nice transition from Matt Smith as the Doctor. Not saying that a woman could not be it, but looking at what Matt Smith has been through and thinking of the regeneration as an embodiment of what that Doctor has been through is interesting with Peter Capaldi as the next Doctor. I have to say I still think Helen Mirren would be fabulous as the Doctor, she is hilarious, but can do serious and threatening very well.

Older Doctor

Now this is not something I feel has been mentioned to often, but if you look at the line from Eccelston to Smith the Doctor, recently, has been just getting younger and younger. Thus why the guess of Rupert Grint being the Doctor was really interesting because it might go younger again and be a ginger, which is the other thing I cannot wait for. The Doctor needs to be ginger at some point because it will be hilarious, but I digress. It will be interesting to see the interaction with an older Doctor and a companion.

They have been going on such a kick of having the sort of romantic relationships between the companion and the Doctor and it will be neat to see someone who might be more of a father figure or just a friend / older mentor (again, Donna Noble, best companion). Even though the age of the Doctor does not matter technically, the visual of seeing someone who looks a certain age I think changes the interaction. If the companion is supposed to be mid-twenties and the Doctor looks like he is a 50 year old human the interaction is going to be different than seeing a guy who looks to be in his late twenties or early thirties.

New Doctor

The big thing is that no one seems to think that Peter Capaldi is going to do a bad job. He is reasonably well known and has even been in episodes of Doctor Who and Torchwood. The fans finding Peter Capaldi’s passion for Doctor Who was really exciting.  The fact that he wrote a letter to the editor, was in a Doctor Who club, and drew a picture of his Doctor just shows that he is a big fan. I feel like as a fan he has the knowledge of what the Doctor needs to be to do it right.

Here are the posts we read:

The Mary Sue


7 responses to “Reaction to the Reactions to Peter Capaldi as the New Doctor

  1. Great post. I am eager to step away from the younger looking Doctors to see someone a bit more mature in the role. I loved Tennant and Smith, and they definitely have their fangirls (me included), but it’ll be nice to see a totally different Doctor who maybe is in keeping with some of the earlier depictions, age-wise.

    I agree with you that it’s interesting nobody is saying he’ll do a bad job! I’m excited to see what Capaldi brings to the role. =)


  2. This is not my tumblr, but essentially summed up my feelings on the whole thing:

    Moffat would really benefit from someone else as a co-producer to make the female characters develop more (Amy and Oswin Oswald, you had so much potential…), introduce more queer characters, and actually care about having POC characters. How I long for the good old days of RTD, Capt. Jack, Martha, and Donna, when (many) men were queer and women had character development. Moffat might also benefit from the exercise of writing awesome characters and then assigning sexes to them later as well as for closing his plot holes and developing storylines and :screams into pillow: I just want to like DW again!


    • I personally think most writers could benefit from creating an awesome character and then assigning gender later. It would be an interesting play on sex and gender to have it applied randomly after the character was created.


  3. This is far more tricky choice than what people seem to think. I think the biggest downside to having a female Doctor is that he’s been established as a male character for decades, so while there’s an opportunity for some interesting exploration into the topic of gender, I wonder how long that’s going to be interesting before it declines into gimmickry and a lot of ‘man in drag’ gags rather than gravitas.

    Any actor who steps into such a famous and storied role is going to have to deal with the baggage that comes with it, and that alone might scare off a lot of potential actors — and then you throw in the potential of a major shift and people not reacting well to it, then you’ve got the burden / stigma of ‘you ruined DW’. In the end, the debate over it might start to overshadow the role itself and an actor might feel like they’re just a talking point for larger issues rather than have people judge their performance. One of the reasons DW has endured for so long is that it doesn’t get political — some people want IRL subtext in their entertainment and some just want flight of fancy entertainment.

    The other thing to consider is that to a good chunk of the DW fanbase, it’s a relatively new thing, so even casting someone who is older than the three previous modern actors that had the role could be a good way to test the water for greater changes in the future …


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  5. Les grands joueurs comme Steve Yzerman, Sergei Fedorov, Chris Osgood et beaucoup d’autres ont gardé cette série alive.


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