Daily Archives: August 5, 2013

Online versus Physical Stores

Part of the reason that I recently asked about comics suggestions is that we do not have a dedicated comic book store in my town. We have a couple of bookstores, but they do not have a great comic book / graphic novel section. This means that the only way to really get comics is online and it can be a bit overwhelming to try and pick something out that way. I find this with books as well, although it can be a little bit easier with books. There is just a difference between looking online and looking in a physical store.

I look online a lot because where I live you have to. Which is part of the reason that when I travel I usually try and make it to a bookstore. I love going into a physical bookstore and being able to actually look at the books, but I love being able to order books online and use an e-reader because of the space it saves. It is an interesting balance to maintain. Continue reading