Rewatching Heroes – Season 1

Heroes Season 1I have been working on a project at home lately, and have been watching a lot of shows and movies we have.

One that I put in and have been enjoying again immensely is Heroes. Here’s a show that died a sad death, one of the victims of the writer’s strike. Season 2 disappointed me so much I’ve never seen seasons 3 and 4.

But going back to Heroes season 1, this was one of the best seasons of TV I’ve ever watched. In watching it, I just keep catching myself with a big grin on my face.

So let’s reminisce a minute on Heroes, season 1. I’ll try to avoid spoilers, in part because I’m not done rewatching the season so I’m trying to remember things myself… but also because if you haven’t watched Heroes, I recommend you do so!

The Good

They do a lot with the characters in Heroes. They have doubts, they grow. Their powers grow, their understanding. The casting – and acting – are great.

And then, while they are far apart from one another, and very different from each other, they nonetheless keep running into each other, in new and different combinations.

The plot, then, is fantastic. They do a great job of feeding bits to the audience, but not all of it – so we often know more than the characters, but not enough to piece it all together.

Some of the lines from the show are great taglines, too, like “Save the Cheerleader, save the world,” or, “How do you stop an exploding man?” The sorts of questions that keep you coming back for more to figure it out.

The Meh

Okay, so if the characters are great, there are also a whole lot of them. While there’s not really a problem of keeping track of who they are – and they give us their name and place to make sure of that – the show does suffer from a bit of the same problem as Game of Thrones.

So many characters that you don’t get very far with them each episode.

Not helping with this was a bit of what I might describe at least as the Naruto-syndrome, where they re-show a bit of what happened last time to lead into this episode’s story, so you repeat some of the events in the episode.

So overall, it takes a while in Heroes to get anywhere. But that makes it a great show to go back and marathon, and I’ve been having a lot of fun doing so. If you haven’t watched Heroes in a while – maybe like me, and saddened by its fate in later seasons – give it a watch sometime. Definitely still as good as I remember, if not better!


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