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Save Game Continuity – Dragon Age 3: Inquisition and the New Consoles

One of Holly and my main concerns with the new generation of consoles is the continuity of our save games for Dragon Age 3. We love the Dragon Age games, and BioWare in general, and we are really excited about Dragon Age Inquisition. One of our first posts on the blog, even, was about our expectations for Dragon Age III.

Then the new consoles were announced, and all of a sudden Dragon Age (III) Inquisition is being talked about as one of the big-deal next-generation games. But this is a BioWare game – a game where you can import your game, with all of your decisions and things – right into the sequel. But on a new console… and without backwards compatibility… how is this going to work?

A new blog I have been reading, Gamemoir, did a nice piece on the solution to this problem: There are some pros and cons to Dragon Age Keep, so let me consider the switch to the new consoles, the Keep, and our future with Dragon Age!

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5 Reasons You Should Watch the BBC Show Broadchurch

So David and I have recently started watching the BBC Show Broadchuch now that it has become available in the United States. We are three episodes in with the fourth one downloaded and waiting to watch and we love it. It is only going to be eight episodes long, but so much has happened in just three episodes. Every episode there is a new reveal for one of the characters.

The basic premise is that an 11 year old boy is discovered murdered in the small town of Broadchurch. Being a small town everybody knows everybody else, so the question is in a small town like this who could have done it. Most of the police have never had to deal with a crime of this caliber and cannot even imagine how one of their own residents could have committed such a crime. So here are my 5 reasons that you should watch Broadchurch. Continue reading

Science Fiction Today – Transportation, Take 3

With our Science Fiction Today posts, we like to explore the ideas from Science Fiction and how they might come about in the world today, or in our near future. Because really, it’s more fun to think about today’s problems in terms of what they can become, rather than what they are now.

One of the topics we’ve talked about most with Science Fiction Today, meanwhile, is transportation. Maybe it’s because modern transportation is a drag – and maybe it’s because with the Internet, the world is getting smaller and we want to be able to travel like it is!

We’ve talked about transportation first in the face of the sequester, when they were worried about travel delays, and then when Holly was considering it after flying and having to wait. There are some advantages to flying – you can get stuff done, like reading, work, handheld games. Electronics have made this form of travel very versatile. Well, except for the take-off and landing…

I saw something this week that made me think about transportation a little bit differently, and I thought I would share it, continuing our ongoing consideration of science-fictional forms of transport – Today! Continue reading

Donna Noble Has Left the Library, Donna Noble Has Been Saved; A Character Study

Donna Noble has left the Library. Donna Noble has been saved.

Donna Noble has left the Library. Donna Noble has been saved.

Today I am going to explore my favorite Doctor Who companion, of the ones I have actually watched: Donna Noble. Donna was the last companion of Ten during the new run of Doctor Who Series 4, played by the unforgettable Catharine Tate. If you have been following us for a while you already know how much I love Donna Noble as a companion. I truly believe that she is one of the best companions that has ever been.

Some of what I love about Donna is that she was actually just a friend to the Doctor. The relationship between the Doctor and Donna is simply fabulous. She is not so enamored or fascinated with the Doctor that she just lets him lead her along. The other part I love about her is her story arc is so brilliant. She goes through such an amazing journey from when we first meet her character to her entire run with the Doctor. She is such a great example, in fiction, of allowing a character to be more than she thought she could be. Continue reading

Happy Hour with Elliott Morgan

It might be obvious by now, but one of the things we like to do is start from something we like, and explore the things related to it. Like books and their movies, the TV shows, the different representations. I find a musician I like, I start to work backwards through their music.

Today, the rabbit’s hole has led us through YouTube, from Philip Defranco, to SourceFed and SourceFed Nerd, and now to one of the SourceFed contributors, Elliott Morgan.

Elliott Morgan (who has one of those names that seems like you need to say both together) has started a new regular segment on his personal YouTube channel, called Happy Hour. There, he combines a little bit of spirits with a little bit of opinionizing on a topic. And we’ve been enjoying it a bunch. Let’s look at a couple of the videos!

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