Favorite Types of Travel Apps

So while I am traveling for work it has made me think about some of my favorite apps to use while I am traveling. There are some great apps to check in for flights, find hotels, find restaurants, stores, what to do, etc. Now I am not going to go into specific apps because there are a lot that are great to choose from. Instead I will discuss the types of apps that I like to use. I personally have an iPhone, but am pretty sure there are similar apps on other smartphones. Travel is one of the times that I use my smartphone the most. It is amazing being in a new city and I have a guide in the palm of my hands.

Airport Check-In / Boarding Pass

The ability to check-in and just have my boarding pass on my phone is amazing. I absolutely love not having to keep a boarding pass on me. Having to not shuffle around in my purse or my pockets for a piece of paper. Instead I have my boarding pass on my phone, which is something I will keep really good track of because I do not want to lose my phone.


So this would obviously be Google Maps normally. At the same time what if you are traveling internationally and do not have data / do not want to pay for data. There are ways to get maps of areas downloaded to your phone that you do not need to be connected to data to search through. It is not quite the same, but any map that you can hold in the palm of your hands is super convenient.

Restaurant Finder

So this is not about just finding a restaurant, but more about finding the good restaurants. Sites such as Yelp and Urbanspoon do a great job of giving you an idea of unique and different places to go eat that get good ratings. I have found some amazing restaurants that I might never have tried otherwise using these types of apps.

Sightseeing / Location Apps

So these are usually very specific and not reusable, but the ones I have seen have been great. I have found ones that give you wait times for Disneyland, give you walking tours with audio and text, and even ones that simply have information about events for the day and a map. It is great to have all this information at your fingertips and be able to have a potentially different experience with some of these locations.

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