What Comics Should I Read

So I did not grow up reading comics like David did. I have only recently gotten in to reading comics, partly due to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I did like some manga, but the problem is that it goes on for so long and can take up an entire room with comics or manga. The amazing thing that has happened is the ability to get my comics on my iPad (or other tablet devices), which means I am not taking up precious space and since there is not a comic book store in my town I can actually access comics.

So the thing that really got me started was season 8 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I have been trying to keep up with season 9, but I just get so busy and then get behind and then I have to catch up. At the same time I have really enjoyed reading the comic version of Buffy and have read all of the Firefly continuations. Part of the other problem that I have is wondering where do I start.

Movies Based on Comics

So the safe option would be to do the movies based on comics. I already have an understanding of the characters and I know I like the basic premise. David has given me some X-men to read, I have particularly liked ones that are short comic series instead of something that goes on for a long period of time. David has also had me read other Marvel comics such as 1602 and Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe. Both of those were fantastic. At the same time the one shots do not help me know where to go from there.

I have not really read much DC (partly because I cannot get it on my iPad), but I am interested in Batman and Green Arrow. I recently learned about a Harley Quinn comic being released that I am pretty excited about, but again there is a problem of access to those comics.

Indie Comics

Another thought is to go with an indie comic or at least one that is not the big Marvel or DC. I already read one Dark Horse comic with Buffy and want to read the other Buffy related comics (Angel and Faith, Spike, Willow), but I wonder if there are other Dark Horse comics that I would like to read. I have tried a couple of free options, but am still not quire ready to commit to anything else. Some of it is the monetary commitment, but the other part is just not quire sure what the best place to start is.

So this is a long way of saying does anyone out there have a suggestion of where to start with getting into comics.

9 responses to “What Comics Should I Read

  1. The first thing I would say is that “where to start” is, to me, the wrong question. You start with what things that look interesting to you. The “where to start” question usually means “will I understand what’s going on,” and the answer is almost always going to be yes, no matter where you start, as long as you’re willing to just accept what’s on the page and not worry about the backstory that led to the events of the specific comic you’re reading. Anything you need to know will be explained in the comic you’re reading, even if only in the recap page. If it’s not explained, you don’t need to know it.

    As far as comics I would recommend, I’ve been adoring Young Avengers. X-Men (without an adjective) is only a couple issues in, but they’ve been great issues. Captain Marvel is a fantastic series, and in another month, will be Marvel’s only female solo title (and will also soon be one of only two titles written by a woman, along with the excellent Avengers Assemble – both are written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, wife of Matt Fraction, writer of the excellent and critically acclaimed Hawkeye series, also worth checking out). A+X might be a good choice, too – each issue features two short stories pairing an X-Man and an Avenger, which serves as a way of introducing the general styles of various writers and artists, which can give you an idea of whose work you might enjoy.


    • Thanks for the advice. Starting in the middle of something can seem kind of intimidating. I think that taking the idea of accepting what the comic shows you is really good advice. I will definitely check out some of your suggestions. It is interesting how the movies and tv can help give an entry way to reading comics because you have a basic understanding of the characters.


  2. As far as indie-type comics go, I’d recommend Manhattan Projects. It’s like 12-14 issues in and the story has been really great and really unique. Batman by Snyder/Capullo just started Zero Year and the first two issues have been great as has their entire run. There’s also a ton of other stuff out there. My suggestion would be to find a few authors and artists you like and start there. I got into comics thanks to the terrific team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. They wrote some great books including The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Superman for All Seasons and Spider-man: Blue


  3. Thinking of the comics I read, a lot do carry some baggage with them. One, however, that really doesn’t is Wolverine and the X-Men. In the past, this is the sort of title that probably would have been called New Mutants, because there is such a focus on the young mutants, the students. They have a fun cast of students, and the teachers are great too. The humor runs through it, and they have maintained large plots outside of single-shot issues and several-issue arcs. They’re also up to 33 issues, so there’s a lot to enjoy!

    Something tough in some of the newer Marvel comics is their Marvel AR app, which they seem to be trying to use instead of the old style dialog box explaining something or referencing back to an old title. I tried the app, and was not impressed – they had a few good bits come up, but then lots of videos of the creators just talking and looking awkward. Like they were told “go make some content, go!” I find myself turning to Wikipedia instead when I want an answer. Anyone else have any thoughts on the AR app?


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