Favorite Nerdist Podcasts

So I will admit that part of the reason for this list is my brain is having an off night. At the same time one of my favorite thing to do at work when I am dealing with tedium is to listen to the Nerdist Podcast. I am bad and do not necessarily listen to everyone, but choose to listen to either celebrities I am interested in or who are involved with a project I am interested in. I actually really enjoy the hostfuls as well because they are just funny. Here are some of my favorite Nerdist Podcasts in no particular order. I highly recommend Nerdist podcast, especially if you can listen at work or if you have a long commute.

Joss Whedon

This was put out pretty recently and recorded in Joss Whedon’s house. Joss is just so down to earth and every time you listen to an interview he just seems so genuine. It is great listening to him talk about all the things he loves and how his process has grown and changed.

John Barrowman

This was recorded live at San Diego Comic Con with John Barrowman. It is possibly one of the funniest things I have listened to. This was actually one of my earlier introductions to the Nerdist podcast and made me love John Barrowman even more than I already did.

Tom Hanks

Part of the charm with the Tom Hanks interview is how Chris Hardwicke got him on the show. It is such a brilliant story and everyone should hear it. Tom Hanks really is such an amazing person and I already loved him as a person, but he is also pretty brilliant.


This one interested me because Macklemore is really trying to break away from the typical music process. Doing it on his own instead of signing up with a label. It was really interesting to see what got him to this point and the fact that he is still living in the same apartment that he was in before “Thrift Shop” went viral.

Charlie Hunnam

Now this one I listened to specifically because Charlie Hunnam is the lead in Pacific Rim and I was curious. I do not watch Sons of Anarchy so I did not really know his role in that series. This one surprised me and made me even more interested to see how Hunnam did on the big screen. His backstory is particularly surprising and at times you questions whether you heard that right.

So those are just a few of my favorites. As usual every episode is usually fantastic because Hardwicke does a great job and it is even better when Jonah and Matt are in the mix. I am actually realizing I might want to even see if there are any past interviews I want to listen to. Although I already have enough trouble keeping up with all of the stuff I am trying to do now.


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