Daily Archives: July 18, 2013

Pacific Rim

David and I went and saw Pacific Rim this weekend and since it did not get the box office love I wanted to put down my thoughts on the movie. We went and saw it in 3D because when we saw a 3D trailer it looked amazing. I also love Guillermo Del Toro I think he has done fabulous movies and it is amazing to see what he can do with so little sometimes. Before the movie came out I was super excited to see it. It is so great getting an original story. Than I read a review from USA Today that tore the movie to pieces and I was a little worried, still excited, but it did make me worry a bit that the critics would not like the movie and that would keep people from seeing it.

When you have established stories, I do not know how much it matters what the critics say there is a fan base that exists for that story that will see the movie. Pacific Rim, while playing on a fan-base, is not a specific story, but an overarching genre. Kaiju and Robots are both reasonable popular stories, particularly in Anime. I personally love both of those genres because the battles tend to just be awesome. Pacific Rim does not disappoint on that end, but I think they did a great job of making us care about the characters in a short period of time. Continue reading