Geek Apparel

So I hate shopping, I particularly hate clothes shopping. It seems like a good idea at first and things look super cute and OMG, but then I have to try things on and none of the cute stuff fits and it sucks. I have been lucky to find some great places to buy geeky apparel. I have t-shirts for Doctor Who, Superman, Avengers, Wharehouse 13, Battlestar Galactica, Disney, and I just want more. So here are a few of the sites that I go to when I want to drool over some geek apparel.

Think Geek – They have such a wide range of not just clothes, but stuff. David and I have definitely bought a few things from them and every time we go back there is just more we could buy.

Her Universe – I love this site because it is amazing to see a place for geek girls and clothing designed for girls and women. I think the standard is changing, but there is still a level of this is for boys not girls that is annoying that this site attempts to break.

Threadless –  This site has such amazing designs and they just keep adding more. Every time I go back it is just new and innovative stuff. Not all of it is geek apparel, but a lot of it has references or is just quirky which I love.

These are the ones I return to often, but there are so many more and one should never forget that you can always check Etsy because you never know what someone else might have already thought of. If I was to add another selection it would be Mod Cloth, but they are vintage which is fantastic and I just haven’t found the thing that I would want. It is just a place I always go back to look at.

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