6-Month Anniversary – Top 5 Posts So Far!

This week will mark the six-month anniversary for Comparative Geeks! We want to thank all of you for reading so far, we find your comments fantastic, and your readership exciting.

Like any blogger watching their blog, we love the stats we get on WordPress. We are constantly intrigued by which posts get read, or found – and which don’t. We write six posts a week, Monday through Saturday, and not everything is as popular as some of our biggest hits.

Today, let’s look at our top five blog posts so far, as found from our WordPress stats!

Number 5 – Comics Review of X-Termination

Not quite in order, but they did such a neat job with the four-part cover... and I didn't even realize until I started putting this together!

I have done a number of comics reviews, but my review of the X-Termination crossover, which finished off two other comics, may have been the best. After all, I had fun putting together the image above, where I combined the covers from the comics, which made a subtle combined image.

I also included a number of images from X-Treme X-Men, a title which I really wish had not ended! If you’re looking for a fun, short comic to check out, the twelve issues of X-Treme X-Men were a dimension-hopping, genre-bending good time.

This is a good representation of the blog, though, as well, because it is strongly comparative, and incredibly geeky. Because that’s our thing, I guess!

Number 4 – D&D Character Study – in One Week

The goofy-named Character Studies Truncated was, for a while, our most-read post. If you do a Google Image search for The Nine Alignments the image I put together still comes up as one of the top ones (like, row three, but still pretty high up there).

The Nine Alignments by Comparative Geeks DavidIt took a lot of time, but was probably a much better post than originally planned. I was originally – as stated here – going to spend nine weeks going over each alignment. That would have been much less fun than doing it all in one! Plus, there seems to be a lot of these nine alignments grid, people making them for specific fandoms, or for all combined, so I really was just joining in with that!

I got a little better at making these, and I like my later one, where I explored nine alignments of Wolverine:

The Nine Alignments of Wolverine by Comparative Geeks

Number 3 – Game of Thrones Character Studies

There are two of these posts in our top 5, but then they are also 7 and 8. We love A Song of Ice and Fire, and love the Game of Thrones TV show, and between the two, we talk a lot about it! The characters are the best part of this series, and we’ve looked at some of our favorites. I’m combining them into one entry here on the list, but they dominate the top ten!

Found on http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/game-of-thrones/images/33827537/title/season-3-character-poster-melisandre-photo

For instance, we’ve talked about Melisandre, and in particular in relation to the TV show – where we get to see more of her, and where we get to see new prophecies not from the show. Check out our post on that here, coming in at number 8.

We’ve also explored Tyrion Lannister, one of the main characters from both the books and the show, in a Spoiler-heavy post. Coming in at number 7, this post was fun to consider. Tyrion is likeable despite his unlikeable family, and larger than life despite being short of stature.

But if Tyrion is the immediately likeable character from the Lannister family, what about Jaime Lannister? He has some of the most character growth in the series, and leads us to write a post about how we love him and hate him. Coming in at number four, this post almost surprises us with just how popular it is – almost 100 more views than the post about Tyrion!

Arya Stark Game of ThronesAnd, higher again by another 100 posts, one of our very highest and most fun posts, our character study of Arya Stark. Definitely our favorite of the Starks, and with some of the most interesting progression of any character in A Song of Ice and Fire, Arya is also wonderfully played in the show. If you want to see more of this actress, check her out in this short: http://youtu.be/HTROgQORCt4

Number 2 – A Character Study of Gretel from Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

One of our very earliest posts, and one that we never expected much from, was our earliest Character Study, on Gretel from the movie Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. Maybe it’s that people are looking up the fable and not the movie, maybe it’s that the movie made people want to research the fable, maybe it’s that no one else was talking about this movie the way we did – who knows!

Hansel and Gretel: Witchunters

What I do know is that this post was really good. Holly took a really interesting stance on this movie – that it was actually incredibly empowering to Gretel, who is actually one of the best written and portrayed heroes in movies. Was the movie action-packed and over-the-top? Yes. Was it probably not taken seriously by critics? Yes. But should they have taken notice? Maybe yes.

If you have not seen this movie, you should, and watch for this – watch the character of Gretel take the lead, show the brains, show the physical resilience and the mental willpower, and see this action movie like we did!

Number 1 – Nudity and HBO

And then, there’s our number one post. We’re proud of these other posts in the list, posts that made us work hard on creating visuals, or dig deep into stories, and into characters’ minds; comparing comics, TV shows, books. The rest of our top ten, fifteen, and on, even, makes us pretty happy.


Then there’s this post, which was a bit of a short one, was referential to an article on another blog (which we see a lot of clicks out to as well), that was really a bit of news and a bit of rant.  We do feel like Holly added a bit to the conversation, but maybe not to the extent this post has been read.

Our number 2 post has over 100 more views than the number three – and this number one post, only a month-and-a-half old, has over 200 more than the number 2 post! Clearly, something more is going on with this than just people wanting to read about nudity in HBO shows.

It gives some perspective to why, for instance, Philip DeFranco does a sexy-time segment on his news show each day: because having this, and having the thumbnails of sexy men and women, apparently does indeed sell! We throw the word “nudity” in and talk about it a bit, and suddenly we’re getting massive views on the post? Something else is going on here. Something I don’t think we’re planning on tapping in the future, but we know what to do if we want to drum up traffic!

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