5 Favorite Recent Rewatch Movies

There are movies that you are willing to rewatch and then there are movies that you can land on in the middle of the movie and just keep watching every time there are on tv. Now there are the classics that we have watched so many times we can almost quote the entire movie, Ghostbusters, Princess Bride, Monty Python, etc and are still willing to watch on tv at any time. When you find a new movie that has come out that you are willing to watch over and over again.

These movies are ones that David and I will catch on tv at almost any moment and just keep watching. It is the movie that you know so well and is just fun that you can catch at any moment and still enjoy it. These are all pretty recent movies and are definitely ones we have added or will add to our shelves.

Fifth Element

Now this one is on both David and I top ten favorite movies. It is such a fun ride and Gary Oldman is brilliant in it. There are so many lines that you can quote and just so many little scenes that make it great. You don’t need to watch the movie from the beginning to have a fun ride.

Harry Potter Prison of Azkaban

David and I love all the Harry Potter movies, but some are better than others. The third Harry Potter movie is our absolute favorite. Part of what we love about the third one is that it is not just a good story, but it is a good movie. The way the story is cut together is done brilliantly, which makes starting it from any point super easy. Also, who doesn’t love a good time travel story.


A-Team is campy, fun, explosion heavy goodness. It is just fun action sequence, after fun action sequence. One of my personal favorite moments is still when they are trying to fly a tank that is parachuting to the ground by firing off rounds and using the kick from said rounds to re-position themselves. I mean come on who would think of something so ridiculous.

How to Train Your Dragon

I believe we have mentioned this movie before, but it keeps coming up because it has become one of our favorites. I mean come on it is a movie about learning to fly on the back of a dragon and the dragon is possibly the cutest thing ever. Who wouldn’t want a dragon like that for a pet. (So excited for the sequel, although not sure where they are going to go with the story, but hopefully it is as good as the first.

Pitch Perfect

So this movie is extremely recent, but since it has been on HBO and every time it is on I will just continue to watch it I am putting it on the list. I am a person who love musicals and music so this movie goes right along with a lot of my interests. I appreciate this because it is poking fun at, but not making fun of a-cappella. It is a comedy so there are some great hilarious moments, but the songs make you want to sing a long, so even if the jokes get a little old, the songs keep you coming back for more.

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