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Continuing the Dark Tower

Wizard and Glass

This is not the most recent book – I read that on Kindle. This is book 4, Wizard and Glass.

Recently, I finished Stephen King’s most recent Dark Tower novel. Inserting itself between novels 4 and 5, it was an interestingly ret-conned story. As the plot in the novel is minimal, and it mainly works on storytelling within the Dark Tower world, that worked just fine, say thankya.

The Dark Tower is a bit of a growing thing. For instance, the main book series is done, but clearly not dead if Stephen King is still writing books in the world. There is a series of comics coming out of the Dark Tower, as a way of approaching a new fan base – or giving more to the existing one? And, like I mentioned in a previous blog post, a Dark Tower movie or TV show has some potential.

Anyway, I want to talk a bit more about the book and the comics, so read on if you like Stephen King, or like me, want to know more about him! I will try to avoid actual spoilers.
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