A Word on TableTop, from the host, Wil Wheaton.

Our schedule is a bit thrown off, but we came back from our Fourth of July holiday, sat down to lunch and a bit of YouTube. And what we found stole the show for today’s make-up blog post.

You may recall our Twelve Days of TableTop Day, and know that we are big fans of both tabletop gaming and of TableTop the show. But our final list of TableTop Day games included not a lot from the show. Well, most of those games ended up in the most recent, mid-season video about TableTop from Wil Wheaton.

The criteria he sets up for what games he picks are really solid, and make a lot of sense. Those same criteria unfortunately do rule out a number of our favorite games – deck building games like Dominion and Ascension, and longer, more complicated games like Battlestar Galactica and Arkham Horror.

However, I have seen Battlestar Galactica done in a video, from Board Games with Scott. Check it out if you haven’t seen it:

Granted, you don’t walk away knowing how to play the game fully, but as Scott points out, the game is far less about the game mechanics and more about the player interaction (the expansions do a lot for the game mechanics).

Meanwhile, there are some longer games they have pulled off on TableTop, my favorite of which was Fiasco – a game I had not played before, but have played once since, to amazing result. Like many gamers, I can thank TableTop for turning me on to this game, and showing me how fun it could be. Check out Fiasco if you haven’t seen it: they broke it into three parts, two of playing, and one of the setup, which I will put last though it came first. It makes more sense all together.

A thought from us

There is one way we can think of that they could do a deck-building game, one that maybe is a little more interactive, and has great art and story to it that they could play.

That game would be Penny Arcade: Gamers vs. Evil.

Now really, the best way to do this might actually be to pull in Mike and Jerry to play this with Wil. And really, while at it, adding Kris Straub or Scott Kurtz could really just be a lot of ridiculousness in one room. I’m not sure the game plays 5 players, though, and Wil Wheaton has to fit in there somewhere, but… This game is great. There are plenty of interactive cards that affect others, and epic battles to get your victory points and fight the final bosses.

Make this happen, Wil Wheaton. In the mean time, play more games!


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