Nine Movies I Apparently Need to See – And One I Now Have

I often run into a wall of not having seen the “classic” movies of geekdom. In my mind, geekdom is large, and can contain many things. In high school, my group of friends considered only a couple of things to be our baseline: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (the book), and The Princess Bride (the movie). Solid foundations for geekdom.

Oh, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Obviously.

Some of the most fun you can have with fantasy, science fiction, and parody, this is indeed a good start. From there, I have gifted some of my favorites, like Dune, and The Killing of Worlds. We loan people things or watch them together, like Doctor Who and Game of Thrones. We share our passion for geeky things.

And in some circles, I was known as an expert in cult classic movies. And in other circles, I am left decidedly wanting. We finally started working on the list of movies I hadn’t seen (or don’t remember seeing as a child, one of the two) recently, and my friends and family led with a winner. Here we have a list of nine movies I need to see that I haven’t, classics and cult classics and then one movie I just recently saw.


So recently we watched Willow, and it inspired Holly’s blog post about movies that hold up to the test of time. We were also amazed at the names that came together to make that movie, like George Lucas, Ron Howard, and Val Kilmer. This movie was excellent to watch as an adult, with effects that may not seem modern but also don’t seem bad. The plot was good, the action was good, Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer were awesome, it was a good time. I recommend Willow, and it has me trusting the rest of the movies on this list a little bit more.


I need that trust when it comes to Labyrinth. From the same era (the 80’s! When I was busy watching movies like Ghostbusters and Back to the Future!) as Willow, this movie seems like it could be similar – or wildly different. I have heard from some friends that Labyrinth was hard to get into as an adult, and that you really need that childhood nostalgia to enjoy it. So we’ll see.

Mad Max

This one comes up in particular when talking about Borderlands, a game series which I love, and which is at times (apparently) referential to Mad Max. It sounds like a classic in ridiculousness, and a classic Mel Gibson action film. My favorite Mel Gibson movie is probably Maverick, so we’ll see if this is my sort of movie. It’ll probably make us laugh – now whether it’s supposed to is another matter. I say “we” because this is one Holly hasn’t seen either! Rare on this list.

Shawshank Redemption

Listed on the IMDB Top 250 list as the number one rated movie by users, this is apparently it. And I haven’t seen it. It gets referenced and goes right over my head. I should really probably see this movie. ‘Nuff said.

Shaolin Soccer (In exchange for Kung Fu Hustle)

One of my favorite movies, and one that has made me laugh harder than just about any movie ever, is Kung Fu Hustle. Even the trailer is amazing – it’s one of the first things I wrote about on the blog. And I still haven’t gotten Holly to watch it. She’s seen Shaolin Soccer, and she figures it’s about the same thing. And I haven’t seen Shaolin Soccer, so I can’t argue against this argument. Instead, I think we just need a movie night to watch both – assuming we don’t die laughing first.


It sounds like it should be so simple, or straight-forward, but I keep hearing about this movie, and I really ought to see it. I’ve caught a couple of minutes, and someone died pretty horribly, and that’s probably much of the movie, but well done. I guess. Also, Morgan Freeman is back on the list, much like he’s in half the movies coming out this year, right?


I have actually not seen very much Hitchcock at all, meaning that a good place to start would be Psycho, right? We saw The 39 Steps as a stage production a while back, and it was fantastic. Psycho is the leading classic, though, the one that they made a Hitchcock movie about. All sorts of references. Which I do not get. I think a lady gets stabbed in a shower. It’s a whole thing. Yeah… I should probably watch Psycho.

The Shining

When I talk about great Jack Nicholson roles, I have to talk about them not including The Shining on the list. When I talk about Stephen King adaptations, I have to talk about them not including The Shining. When I see children on bicycles in a hallway, they’re still innocent. When I see crazy Jack Nicholson, I think The Joker, or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Because what do I know?

Time Bandits

I bet I saw this one when I was younger. But I don’t remember. Looking at the name, I’ll bet I’d like it. Looking at the cast… even moreso. It’s Monty Python adjacent, written by Terry Gilliam. So really, the stars are right with this movie – I think I will like it. It’s one that hung out on our NetFlix queue for a long time, and now we don’t have NetFlix… so we’ll have to hunt it down elsewhere.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Another Terry Gilliam, and again Monty Python adjacent, I haven’t seen this one either. I keep missing the times people watch it – friends in high school, Holly… I’ll probably like this one too. Much like the whole list, it comes up often enough to leave me scratching my head and wanting to watch it. Another one we lost with NetFlix, we’ll have to hunt it down too. But I think Hulu is working on getting older movies into its database, and we should hopefully be able to catch a number of these movies there. We’ll see!

2 responses to “Nine Movies I Apparently Need to See – And One I Now Have

  1. There are so many “must see” films, that it is very easy to be out of the loop. It was only a few years ago that I saw “The Princess Bride” as I heard about it for years, but didn’t know anything about it other than the title, and for the reason kept thinking people were talking about “The Princess Diaries” which made me question why I needed to see it. 😛

    I haven’t seen anything else on this list other than “Psycho”, which I also watched for the first time only a few years. I’ve probably seen “The Shawshank Redemption”, if not the entire film, then most of it.


  2. I’ve seen all the movies on your list (and own several if you’d like to borrow them). I can’t say how well they hold up, although you do have a 22 year time span so some of the older ones low budget ones (Mad Max, The Shining) will not hold up well compared to newer character driven ones (se7en, Shawshank Redemtion)
    There’s good reason shawshank is so highly rated, it’s an amazing movie.
    Shaolin soccer isn’t nearly as good as Kung Fu Hustle. Although they have some strong similarities. Mad Max and the Shining are going to have pretty slow pacing compared to modern movies.
    I’m sure you’ve never seen anything quite like time bandits it’s very surreal. Although last time I watched I was very young. It’s better although a lot crazier than Baron Munchausen, which is saying something.
    I do love Labryinth, but it is a movie for kids so watching the first time as an adult may not spawn a deep appreciation.


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