Daily Archives: May 29, 2013

Fossil Fuel, I See What You Did There

So, I got back late from a meeting, so what I was planning to write will have to wait until Friday. Instead I am going to talk about an interesting beer I found out about a couple of years ago from the Fossil Fuels Brewing Company. I admit I did not actually get to try the beer even though I really wanted to. The reason I wanted to is because, as they claim, they made the beer from a strain of yeast that is 45 million years old. Specifically they were able to extract it from the stomach of a bee encased in Amber and now are producing beer made from this yeast. For the whole story you can visit their website at http://www.fossilfuelsbrewingco.com/ .

Now how I came to first find out about this beer was at a brewfest in Sacramento, CA that my sister put on with her Rotary Club. (Great event by the way if you are in the area). While I was there I did get to try a couple different beers, but then I saw the sign for Fossil Fuels Brewing and it caught my eye. They had a short sign explaining that the yeast was from a strain from 45 million years ago that had been extracted from amber. I mean how could that not catch your eye? This is a beer that could be using a strain of yeast that is 45 million years old, how cool is that. Continue reading